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    element14 showcases TE Connectivity’s interconnect product solutions for industrial automation and control

    industrial automation and control

    Search, review and choose the right interconnect solutions from TE Connectivity for industrial robots in machinery and automation

    element14 has teamed up with TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, to offer the most comprehensive range of interconnect components to engineers working in harsh, high-capacity, high-impact environments, such as the computer-controlled factories of tomorrow.

    This new generation of interconnect products delivers greater productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the industrial automation and control industry. TE’s portfolio includes M8/M12 connectors, ARISO contactless connectivity, Heavy Duty Connectors, industrial RJ45, circular connectors, terminal blocks, relays, Dynamic series, Motorman hybrid connectors and more. These products can be applied to a wide range of industries including industrial automation and production equipment, data communication systems, energy and robotics.

    “The factories of tomorrow require high-performance production processes in which cutting-edge robotic systems provide flexibility, reliability, precision and energy efficiency,” said Sean Mak, Head of Supplier Management – Connectors at element14. “Engineers can easily access our TE pages to quickly review and select the TE solutions they want for industrial automation applications.”

    State-of-the-art industrial robots are required for industrial production applications in logistics and metal or plastics processing to handle complex tasks where flexibility, productivity and efficiency are needed. A wide portfolio of interconnect solutions are available at element14.

    • A comprehensive offering of more than 7,000 passive components including high frequency inductors, trimmer potentiometers, chip SMD resistors, through hole resistors, and more
    • Over 390 high-speed connectors are available to support the moving parts and electronic components for robots performing in harsh environments for industrial automation and control; including circular, fiber optic, PCB, modular and rectangular power connectors
    • ARISO Contactless Connectivityensures the reliable delivery of power, data and signal in harsh environments, with the added advantages of design and connection flexibility – e.g. on the fly, rotation, unlimited mating cycles – reliability and cost savings due to reduced maintenance and improved uptime.. TE’s ARISO Contactless Connectivity platform can be used in a variety of applications including printing drums, milling machines, injection molding, centrifuges, wafer production, rotary tables and robotic tool changers
    • The broad range of industry-leading relays include automotive, power, safety and signal, in addition to accessories such as sockets and clips

    TE Connectivity component solutions for industrial automation and control from element14.

    Engineers can access element14’s new TE storefront for more information to support the development of next-generation technologies for industrial automation and control, at

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