element14 leverages the product portfolio with latest Embedded Solutions

    element14, the Development Distributor, has expanded its product offering in the embedded systems field with the addition of new products from Renesas Electronics. Engineers can now access element14’s widest range of analogue and embedded products, all in stock and available for same day dispatch, and delivery next day in many parts of Europe.

    Renesas is a leading provider of embedded solutions with advanced microcontroller (MCU), analogue, mixed-signal, power, and system-on chip (SoC) solutions for markets such as automotive, industrial, cloud computing and IoT – from smart factory to smart infrastructure. element14 will stock over 1,500 products from Renesas.

    Core Renesas products now stocked by element14 include:

    • Renesas Synergy MCUs – Synergy MCUs integrate multiple series of software and pin-compatible ARMbased 32-bit MCUs that share a common set of Renesas peripherals to deliver the design scalability, power consumption, code-reusability, and performance needs for the embedded market.
    • ISL9241 USB-C Combo Buck-Boost Battery Charger – The ISL9241 enables engineers to optimise mobile computing system performance and is ideal for products with USB-C power delivery functionality. It supports both narrow voltage direct charging (NVDC) and hybrid power buck-boost (HPBB) charging, and switches between the modes using firmware control.
    • RAA210xxxx Digital Power Modules – The simple digital power modules eliminate power-supply design complexity. The RAA210825 for instance, is a pin-strap configurable 25 A step-down PMBus-compliant DC/DC power supply module that integrates a digital PWM controller, synchronous MOSFETs, power inductor, and passive components.

    element14 will also offer a wide range of complementary support devices including precision analogue, power management and mixed-signal interface products from Renesas; and continue to supply industry leading RF, high performance timing, memory interface, real-time interconnect, optical interconnect, wireless power, and sensor solutions from IDT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics. This winning combination of brands provides a unique and comprehensive range to customers developing their next generation Industrial IoT, Infrastructure and Automotive applications.

    “The expansion of the Renesas portfolio means that customers can now access a wider than ever range of analogue and embedded products, all with a high level of service and support that they have come to rely upon. We aim to support our customers at every stage of their journey from the initial design concept through to large-scale production,” says Chris Breslin, President of Farnell global businesses. “By increasing the breadth of our product portfolio with products from Renesas, we believe that customers no longer need to go anywhere else for their embedded solutions.

    element14 is part of Avnet, a global technology solutions company, and customers also benefit from the Avnet eco-system of support meaning that they no longer need to identify, review and take on board a new partner at every phase of their product production. Instead, they can have one partner throughout their product development cycle, saving them time and money.

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