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    element14 Launches Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W RoadTest for Smart Home and IoT Projects

    element14, an Avnet Community, has teamed up with Raspberry Pi to give community members the opportunity to participate in the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W RoadTest, where they will get the chance to try out the new product and share their experience with their fellow community members.

    The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is the latest product in the Raspberry Pi’s range of inexpensive and compact single-board computers. As the Raspberry Pi Zero W successor, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is a form factor-compatible drop-in replacement for the original board. The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is perfect for a range of smart home applications and other IoT projects, including:

    • Wi-Fi security cameras
    • Internet radio players and smart speakers
    • Portable game consoles
    • Smart alarm clocks
    • Drones

    From security cameras to Bluetooth speakers, Zero 2 W has a tiny form factor and impressive power, making it an ideal computer for projects. In addition, the board makes it easy for anyone to learn how to build electronic devices for home automation or IoT projects, giving everyone the chance to have fun and be creative with technology.

    The element14 RoadTest is a product review program administered by the element14 Community to provide objective opinions about a product’s quality, ease of use, and performance. The RoadTests deliver a detailed review by engineers who share the full experience of the product through videos, charts, screenshots, tables, graphs and other multimedia.

    Raspberry Pi democratizes technology by driving down the cost of general-purpose computing to below $5, opening up the ability for anybody to use computers in historically costly projects.

    Members of the element14 Community are encouraged to visit the enrollment page to submit an application form for the RoadTest by February 9 to receive a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. RoadTesters will have 60 days to write their product review and post it to

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