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    Laserdyne Announces LASERDYNE 606DDual Workstation Laser System

    Prima Power Laserdyne announces introduction of its new Dual Workstation LASERDYNE 606D multi-axis laser processing system. This new system features two completely independent work stations in a single unitized structure.

    The dual workstation design of the 606D is one of the ways that the system fulfills a main design goal of maximizing the work envelope and throughput per unit of manufacturing floor space.

    The new 606D consists of four main components: two 6-axis motion systems, an integral Class 1 enclosure with dual automated doors, two S94P laser process controls for motion and laser coordination, and two fiber lasers.The two lasers can be of the same or different type and average power depending upon the applications for the system.

    Users can expect greater throughput than earlier LASERDYNE systems when using the same laser power.The two work stations are fast and accurate with an X-Y-Z speed of 2000 in/min (50m/min), 2 g acceleration, and bi-directional accuracy of 0.0008 inch (20µm). High throughput is enabled through linear motors for the X and Y axes.  Graphite fiber composite structures for the linear axescontribute to the system’s high dynamic accuracy.

    Because of their close proximity, both work stations can be operated by a single person. Both work stations have easy load position and height with convenient access to the motion system.

    System Builds on Exclusive LASERDYNE Capabilitiesfor Processing

    Complex 3D Parts of High Temperature Materials

    The 606D builds on a wide range of standard hardware and software features available on other LASERDYNE models.  These features are designed to address the needs for precision 3D laser cutting, welding, drilling, and texturing of a wide range of materials.

                The two LASERDYNE S94P controllers provideintegrated control of the laser, motion, process gases, and process sensorsin order to produce smart solutions for cutting, welding and drilling. The newest of these capabilities, called Smart Techniques, include:

    • SmartStop to reduce backwall damage during drilling;
    • SmartShield to provide protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area;
    • SmartPierce to minimize spatter and pierce time and
    • SmartRamp to eliminate the weld indentation at the end of laser welds.

                Also included are two of the latest generation of LASERDYNE BeamDirector® for positioning the laser beam in rotary and tilt axes.  The BeamDirector provides the fourth and fifth axes of beam motion for processing three dimensional components. Rotary (or C axis) travel is ±450 degrees about the Z axis. Tilt (or D axis) travel is ± 150 degrees about the C axis.

    The optional patented OFC Optical Focus Control or OFC2 ABSOLUTE Precision Measurement for Laser Processing sensors are available for a variety of workpiece mapping and sensing applications.

    Robust, Stable Dual System Base And EnclosureHouses Dual Motion Systems

    An important consideration in saving machine floor space is the cast, unitized machine base that supports both 606D work stations. Each workstation has a volumetric accuracy throughout the full work envelope (24 x 24 x 24 inch – 610 x 610 x 610 mm), as well as for long-term reliability in the industrial environment.

    The high-mass synthetic granite composite base provides a stable motion system platform with high dynamic accuracy during laser processing.  The composite base provides significant dampening of external vibrations so they are not transmitted to the laser, optical beam delivery, or to the motion axes.

    The Class 1 safety enclosure includes two automatic vertical doors with safety interlocks and viewing windows. Each of the two workstations includes its own exhaust port.

    “The LASERDYNE 606D is a truly remarkable, game-changing laser system,” reports Terry VanderWert, president of Prima Power Laserdyne. “The aerospace industry is adopting this technology now because of its benefits for precision and throughput in a floor space efficient package. Other industries including medical, fine mechanics and electronics are expected to follow soonas well.”

    Prima Power Laserdyne will be demonstrating its new 606D with OFC2 ABSOLUTEat theInternational Manufacturing Technology Show, September 12-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Booth  N-6776.

                For immediate information about the LASERDYNE 606D, call +1 763-433-3700 or email: www.primapower.comFax: 763-433-3701.


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