Driverless LED Lighting Solution

As a component distributor, Semiconic has been actively engaged in the promotion of LEDs’, LED driver ICs and LED drivers as a whole. Having varied experience with component suppliers, Indian customers, and Indian power scenario, we at Semiconic have worked extensively towards understanding techno-commercial aspects of LED lighting in India. Having paved our path from component procurement, supply and design assistance to our valued customers, we have developed a thorough understanding to introduce an ASIC – ‘SMC4040’ Linear LED driver IC, which is a comparatively cheaper solution but at the same time meets all the technical as well as safety and protection requirements specifically needed due to erratic power situations in India.

We take this opportunity to introduce a first in the series, SMC4040, an ASIC for LED lighting applications. Contrary to switching topologies, SMC4040 implements linear driving which eases down many technical and performance related issues inherent to switching topologies. Some of the salient features of the SMC4040 are:

  • Linear operation, no magnetics and hence no EMI/RFI issues
  • High power factor
  • Wattage fold-back at temperature beyond set threshold
  • Wattage fold-back at higher voltages to maintain constant output
  • THD<20%
  • High efficiency
  • Constant current output
  • Multichannel operation
  • External thermal pad for easy thermal management
  • Over temperature protection.

SMC4040 is a four channel IC with four different power devices to control the constant current and power of each channel. The LED driver solution can be implemented with a minimum number of SMD components which make it fit to be suitably mounted on the MCPCB containing LEDs. This type of mounting arrangement not only monitors driver but also the LED temperature and hence complete solution, including LED MCPCB, is protected against thermal failures and even high voltage failures.

Single SMC4040 IC manages solutions up to 12 Watt but at the same time number of ICS can be used to increase the wattage of the solution. So any conceivable wattage can be achieved by using a number of ICs in parallel along with LEDs.

Typical applications in which this IC can be used are:

  1. LED bulbs
  2. LED panel lights
  3. LED downlighters
  4. LED tube lights………….and much more.

We at Semiconic can support you with the complete design solution for your application along with the supply of requisite components, IC datasheet, design schematic and Gerber to speed up your product development process.

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