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    Discovering the all new analyser calibration extender for range-to-fault calibration capability

    Kaelus, a leading supplier of high-quality, PIM test and measurement instruments and RF conditioning solutions, has released new functionality for the Analyzer Calibration Extender. It now supports the Range-to-Fault (RTF) module used for locating PIM and Return Loss faults in RF infrastructure.

    The Analyzer Calibration Extender (ACE) allows customers to self-calibrate their Kaelus PIM instruments in the field. Reducing downtime of calibration to less than one hour, ACE extends the calibration due date by 12 months. One ACE kit can calibrate all supported Kaelus PIM instruments for many years and is in-stock and available for same-day shipping.

    “We are pleased to add the RTF module calibration capability to ACE,” said Tony Langelaan, Product Line Manager, Kaelus Test & Measurement. “This expands our customers’ ability to self-calibrate their instruments in the field and save on shipping charges and instrument downtime.”

    ACE Product Features:

    • Calibrate Kaelus instruments whenever it suits you
    • Same-day shipping available
    • Multiple instruments can be calibrated with 1 ACE Unit
    • Eliminates shipping charges
    • Rapid and simple calibration solution
    • Minimizes downtime to less than 1 hour
    • Kaelus Unify app guides user through calibration
    • Rugged and portable construction
    • Supports most Portable and Bench PIM instruments
    • USB Connectivity for iPA and iTA

    Click here for more information

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