DigitalOcean and Hasura to host Hackathon at IIT Madras

‘Shaastra Launchfest’ Hackathon to boost entrepreneurial spirit amongst students

 DigitalOcean, a cloud platform focused on simplifying the complexities of infrastructure for software developers and businesses and Hasura, a technology platform that helps developers build apps faster are collaborating with IITMShaastra 2017 to find and foster the next generation of great Indian start-ups.

At the Shaastra Launchfest Hackathon, 20 student teams will get 48 hours to hack out the MVP of their dream startup and demo it to VCs, tech CEOs and CTOs. Hasura and DigitalOcean will offer the participating teams a giant leap into launching their startup through cash prizes, free credits, technical mentorship, and help in gaining the network and exposure that can aid these projects. Chosen teams will also be provided the unique opportunity to be Hasura Summer Fellows, getting a chance to work in the Hasura office in Bangalore with engineers helping them architect their apps.

Speaking about the Hackathon, Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Manager, DigitalOcean said, “India will soon have the largest number of software developers in the world and student entrepreneurs are likely to play a key role in building next generation technology businesses. We are glad to support initiatives like these that help identify budding student entrepreneurs.”

College life represents an enormous opportunity. It is a time when potential entrepreneurs have time, access to resources (labs, equipment, books) and exposure to students pursuing a diverse variety of degrees. However, this potential is frequently left untapped. While the ecosystem around student startups is starting to develop in India, with most of the premier institutes boasting of entrepreneurship cells and incubators, there is still much to be done.  “The need to address this gap is what motivated Hasura and DigitalOcean to lend a helping hand by setting up a platform that can support enterprising students”, points out Rajoshi Ghosh, co-founder of Hasura – a technology platform that helps developers build apps faster.

Registrations for the event are now open at, and teams have until the 24th of December to submit their ideas. The event is scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of January at the IIT Madras campus.

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