Digi-Key Electronics Participating in IoT Now Webinar for eSIM in IoT

    Digi-Key Electronics, the leading global electronic components distributor, announced that it is sponsoring a product training webinar with STMicroelectronics and Truphone focused on how eSIM is forging a new future in IoT. The webinar will take place on Oct. 28 at 730p.m. India / 3 p.m. UK time.

    The webinar will be moderated by George Malim, managing editor of IoT Now Magazine, with industry leading panelists from Truphone, Digi-Key Electronics, and STMicroelectronics who are coming together to help businesses supercharge their IoT and break down the barriers to large-scale international IoT adoption.

    The free webinar will outline how eSIM is enabling a new world of flexibility for IoT applications and devices, and will show how organizations across the ecosystem are coming together to make this opportunity accessible for all.

    “This webinar comes at a critical time as IoT is ramping up unlike ever before,” said Robbie Paul, director of IoT business development for Digi-Key. “In order to successfully deploy global applications and stay competitive, eSIM is necessary to connect all solutions and designs.”

    Industry leaders from STMicroelectronics, Truphone and Digi-Key Electronics will discuss the key trends that are influencing this drive towards eSIM enabled solutions, why the time is now, and the different environments and use cases that are influencing this change. They’ll also share expert insights on why it’s more important than ever that those in the industry come together to deliver easy, smart and scalable solutions.

    “At Truphone, we want to make the IoT easy,” said Oliver Pink, head of PR & communications for Truphone. “Easy to understand; easy to buy; easy to manage. For us, the catalyst for that is clear: openness and collaboration. That’s why we’re delighted to be joining up with our partners Digi-Key Electronics and STMicroelectronics, both businesses truly at the forefront of innovation, to discuss how eSIM technology will help the IoT meet its growing demand.”

    “With the launch of the ST4SIM offer, ST provides the IoT market with a ready-to-use eSIM solution to enable the cellular connectivity for devices wherever located around the world,” said Denis Dubois, M2M & automotive product marketing for STMicroelectronics. “Thanks to the remote SIM provisioning technology defined by GSMA and the connectivity and services provided by our partners, Truphone and Digi-Key, we can offer to  customers the possibility to select the best connectivity they need.”

    Digi-Key offers the largest selection of global eSIM chips and cards available in the IoT market today. With leading manufacturers like STMicroelectronics and Truphone, Digi-Key continues to provide the products engineers across the globe need to connect their designs with speed and scalability.

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