Deliver a robust solution for high-speed connections in harsh industrial environments

Available from Control Logic is the Hirschmann Full Gigabit Managed IP67 OCTOPUS which brings full Gigabit support to its existing IP67 range of switches.

Hirschmann’s Full Gigabit OCTOPUS switches are highly configurable and come with a variety of feature sets including three housing sizes for 8, 16 or 24 ports, tailored to specific networking demands. The switches are also compact and don’t require cabinets, making them easy to install and maintain.

Built in compliance with international train approvals for use alongside tracks or onboard trains, the new switches are ideal for transportation applications, including traffic control systems, rail-rolling stock, mass transit systems and railway and train stations. The Full Gigabit OCTOPUS switches are also well-suited for applications requiring superior data transfer rates in extreme operating conditions, such as general manufacturing, automotive and machine building settings.

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