Danfoss reiterates its partnership with UN SEforALL as industry voice behind study on global challenges on

Danfoss has extended its support to first-ever report to quantify the growing risks and assess the opportunities of the global cooling challenge which was developed with contributions from the Global Panel on Access to Cooling, where Danfoss Cooling President Jürgen Fischer represents the voice of the industry. The paper on “Chilling Prospects: Providing Sustainable Cooling for All” was released by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) during the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in New York.

Speaking on Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) initiatives, Mr. Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India said. “Given the rising phenomenon of urbanization, the five key elements, cooling, heating, water, air quality and solid waste, are set to create newer avenues for technology development that can revitalize the quality of living in the currently over-populated and over-polluted cities. By focusing on carbon-neutral technology, industries can redefine the monetary and environmental cost accrued thereby paving way for a cleaner, greener and sustainable tomorrow, which spearheads India’s development in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

As an industry leader in air-conditioning and refrigeration and member of SEforALL’s initiative – Cooling for All, Danfoss has directly contributed to the report with technological insights. The industry has a big role in sharing expertise on how to build a vision for a sustainable future with the best available technologies.

“Industry is ready for sustainable cooling. Energy-efficient and low global warming potential technology is available today and needs to be implemented globally. Therefore, we are pleased to help shed light on the importance of worldwide access to sustainable cooling. Through continued investment in innovation, best-in-class technology can help solve some of the world´s biggest problems starting today,” says Jürgen Fischer, President Danfoss Cooling and industry representative in the Cooling for All Global Panel.

Conclusions of the report include the important role of industry to solve growing cooling demand in a sustainable way, by thinking more holistically about heating and cooling and deploy the most efficient existing technology and develop new, innovative solutions for the most vulnerable.



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