High reliability crystal oscillators to military spec

In standard 14-pin DIL (dual-in-line) packages, the EQXO-1000BMK and EQXO-3000BMK clock oscillators incorporate a custom-designed quartz crystal and a CMOS/TTL compatible hybrid circuit on a ceramic substrate.

crystal oscillatorsEuroquartz (Crewkerne, UK) is targeting the military specification crystal oscillators for applications that require high reliability, tight frequency calibration tolerance and high stability over a wide temperature range. Frequency range is from 200 kHz to 200 MHz with calibration tolerance of ±30ppm at 25°C and frequency tolerance of ±100 to ±50ppm over the full military temperature range from -55 to +125°C (±100 to ±30 ppm over industrial temperature range from -40 to +85°C).

The high reliability ceramic substrate is packaged in a hermetically-sealed DIL metal package with four pins (EQXO-1000BMK) or 14 pins (EQXO-3000BMK) for extra mechanical security. Additional specifications include 5000g shock survivability, 20g vibration survivability, double-sealed design, low EMI emission and standard 5.0 VDC supply voltage (other voltages on request). Start-up time is 5 msec maximum with rise/fall time of 6 nsec maximum and minimum duty cycle of 40%, 60% maximum. Standard output is CMOS, 50 pF with other outputs available to special order. The oscillators can be screened to MIL-O-55310F, class B if required.

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