COSEC VEGA BBU – Best Battery Backup for Biometric Devices in Remote Locations

Many organizations, especially those belonging to the construction or manufacturing sectors, have branches at remote locations. Installing biometric attendance marking devices often becomes difficult at such sites. This only adds to the inconvenience of employees as well as the supervising personnel for proper attendance management. Advancement of technology has allowed supervisors to solve this problem with ease. Battery backup units used with the biometric devices allow employees to mark attendance right from where they are, instead of having to go to the office, which may be at a great distance.

Matrix, a leading Telecom and Security solutions provider, offers such a battery backup device – COSEC VEGA BBU. This wireless device, which can be used in conjunction with COSEC VEGA devices, is specifically designed to assist in collection of employee attendance data where installation of punching devices may not be possible. It is also useful for organizations located at remote sites where power supply and wiring are major issues.

Some of the unique features of COSEC VEGA BBU are as follows:

Battery Backup: VEGA BBU can be used in conjunction with any of the COSEC VEGA devices. The battery power supply can last for as long as five to six hours.

Wireless Connectivity: Despite being a wireless device, it can be connected with a central server for real-time storage of attendance data through Wi-Fi/3G connectivity.

Mobile Attendance Marking: Sites where employees are spread across a large area, such as mines, construction sites, etc. accurate collection of attendance data may become a challenge. With VEGA BBU, the in-charge can go to each employee and have his or her attendance marked.

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