Continental Automotive USA relies on X-ray inspection systems from GOEPEL electronic

    Image: X-ray Inspection System X Line•3D

    AXI system ensures the quality of automotive assemblies

    Continental Automotive USA has opted for two X-ray inspection systems from GOEPEL electronic. At the production site in Seguin (Texas), highly complex assemblies for the automotive industry are manufactured. The inline inspection system “X Line·3D” performs automatic quality inspection of solder joints and components using 3D X-ray technology. These Automotive assemblies are subjected to particularly stringent quality requirements, which are fulfilled by the GOEPEL electronic X-ray system.

    The X Line·3D has been chosen after several months of evaluation. The decisive factor for the decision was the large fault coverage at high speed for use in line production. Electrical assemblies for use in automobiles often have to follow the standards of the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries). The X Line·3D tests 100 percent of the solder joints, both on the top and bottom side, in cycle time. The inspection is based on the IPC A-610F.

    The X Line·3D is a system for the safe inspection of double-sided assemblies. The three-dimensional X-ray inspection detects both sides of the PCB within a continuous process. The Technical basis is the use of a real-time multi-angle image acquisition chain, which allows a complete 3D acquisition of the module. Integrated reconstruction methods allow the defined evaluation of individual layers of the UUT (Unit under Test).

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