Completely connected and IoT-ready: AMG Systems becomes a Juniper Networks partner

    AMG Systems is proud to announce that it has partnered with Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, to offer its clients a single-source, enterprise-level, total networking solution. Customers will now be able to take advantage of both AMG’s specialised edge of network transmission systems for video security and other devices and Juniper’s core Layer 3 backbone networks, all provided by a single-source supplier.

    AMG Systems is the only UK-based IP and Ethernet switch product manufacturer and solution provider. Aiming to create simplicity through engineering, Juniper works to solve the world’s most difficult problems in network technology.

    The new partnership means that AMG Systems will become an authorised reseller of Juniper Networks solutions through added value EMEA distributor, Nuvias. AMG Sales and Technical Support Manager, Ian Creary, says this will provide enormous benefit to customers. “They’ll receive even greater support with system design and product specification from AMG,” he says. “We have a reputation for providing the highest quality service and support, and that will only be enhanced now that our offering has expanded to include this full network provision capability.”

    AMG Business Development Director, Sara Fisher, says utilising a single supplier for an end-to-end networking solution can lower risk for users. “They have the peace of mind that only comes when both aspects of a network are designed and implemented together,” she says. “There’s no danger that the core network and the specialist edge network will be working at cross-purposes because they both come from the same reliable source. The partnership between Juniper and AMG is significant and exciting because it offers users the very best of both worlds, but with a single point of contact.”

    Rob Neal, Area Partner Director, UK and Ireland at Juniper Networks, says with video security and related smart devices as one of the leading IoT use cases, these systems can provide peace of mind and protection for people, assets and infrastructure. “Implementing and integrating these systems into an existing network can be complex, and means overcoming new infrastructure, security, and innovation challenges,” Neal says. “Juniper is ready to help with software-defined networking solutions that address and simplify the tasks that could otherwise derail big IoT projects.”

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