Companies join hands to drive digital transformation across industries

    EY, a leading global professional services organization, and ServiceNow, named by Forbes as the No. 1 World’s Most Innovative Company, announced they have formed a strategic alliance in India to drive digital transformation for businesses across sectors. The alliance will help businesses transform their enterprise services by understanding their business needs and optimizing their digital platform strategy.

    Under the alliance, EY and ServiceNow can quickly design, develop and deploy business solutions that automate previously manual processes. By combining the ServiceNow cloud-based platform with EY’s end-to-end business transformation expertise, the alliance will help businesses streamline their processes across functions including customer service, HR, facilities, supply chain, security and compliance and IT operations, to improve the productivity, agility and scalability of businesses. The alliance offers an integrated business-led, technology-enabled approach to deliver service management and digital workflow solutions to businesses in India.

    “Today, efficient and agile operations are critical to supporting the pace at which a business must move in the digital economy and yet businesses are challenged by manual processes, legacy systems and insufficient data. ServiceNow and EY share a strong focus on driving innovation and digital transformation across businesses’ value chain. Together, we can help businesses modernize their shared services that are so essential to their success,” said Sibjyoti Basu, Partner – Alliance Leader, EY India.

    From artificial intelligence, advanced analytics to cyber security and data privacy, EY and ServiceNow will be helping fuel innovation and generate new value for businesses in India through digital transformation.

    “Our shared focus on co-innovation with EY’s strength in end-to-end business transformation complement each other and will help businesses derive value from their digital transformation investments,” said Mitch Young, SVP, Asia Pacific and Japan, ServiceNow. “Together, we look forward to bringing in great technology, innovative thinking and business acumen to build digital workflow solutions combined with industry leading practices that will shape the future of work in India.”

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