Clove Digital Introduces gTag – GPS Schoolchild Locator

Innovative tool in the hands of parents


Clove Digital ( introduced gTag, a GPS schoolchild locator, that comes in strong ABS + Polycarbonate design with locking features and white colour glossy finish. gTag offers innovative tool to locate schoolchild in a device that’s taggable to bag, with GSM SIM choice and with no subscription charges.

“gTag is an innovative product that will provide visibility of schoolchild’s outdoor movements to parents. gTag is a hardware device plus an android app which gives instant updates as to when the child reaches or leaves places marked by parents,” said Anuraag Renjith, Clove Digital’s founder.

“gTag is handy and easily taggable to a child’s school bag. Freedom to choose GSM SIM helps parents identify right network with coverage in child’s route. In today’s chaotic times with traffic woes growing on a daily basis, to have a device that can help parents know their child’s exact location while travelling is a great help. We are sure more and more parents will endorse this product in the coming months.” added Anuraag.

gTag provides reassurance to parents by throwing more light into the outdoor movements of children. Parents can mark up to 6 places in regular route taken by child and be informed when child reaches or leaves marked places. gTag empowers parents with complete real-time information on child out of home.

In case of an emergency, parent can choose to see real-time location of the child on map view using gTag android app.

How does the device work? once a parent buys the gTag, they need to insert an active data SIM and charge the gTag. An account needs to be created or via the android app gTag from play store. After signing in, the parent can add child with the gTag ID printed inside the box. It allows them to mark places like school, home, road junctions en route, etc. in the map and receive instant notifications on the child’s movement in or out of these places.

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