C&K Launches Compact, Long-Lifetime Double-Action Switch Series

Double-Action Switch Series

Featuring an ultra-miniature footprint & 100,000-cycle lifespans, the new KXT2 Series is ideal for use in next-generation, ultra-compact electronics, including: wearables, mobile phones, portable electronics, action & surveillance cameras, hearing aids, & personal healthcare monitoring systems

C&K Components, a leading global manufacturer of electromechanical switches, smart card interconnect devices, and high-reliability connectors, has introduced one of the most compact, long-lifetime, double-action switches available on the market. The new KXT2 Series double-action, top-actuated switches feature an ultra-miniature 3.7mm x 3.0mm x 1.05mm footprint, an integrated actuator with a large, 1.2mm-diameter surface area, and extended 100,000-cyle lifespans. Ideal for use in next-generation, ultra-compact electronics, including: wearable electronics, mobile phones, hearing aids, portable electronics, action (e.g., GoPro™) and surveillance cameras, and personal healthcare monitoring systems, the series also offers two actuation forces, each with their own distinctive and stabile tactile feeling, which helps users differentiate between the first and second actions.

KXT2 Series switches feature a dual-action single-pole, double-throw, normally open (SPDT NO) contact arrangement, and G-type SMT terminations designed to take up minimal board space (4.4mm x 3.1mm). Push-force one features a 100+/-40gf operating force and 0.1mm+/-0.05mm travel, and push-force two features a 200+/-50gf operating force and 0.2mm +0.1/-0.05mm travel. Maximum voltage for the KXT2 Series momentary action switches is 12VDC, and maximum current is 50mA. Insulation resistance at 500VDC is 100MΩ, contact resistance is less than 500mOhms, and bounce time for the series is less than 10ms. Operating temperature spans -40ºC to 85ºC.

“Our new KXT2 Series switches are one of the best, most compact, longest-lifetime double-action switches available on the market,” said Jerome Smolinski, global product manager, C&K Components. “The compact dimensions and ultra-low profile help wearable and mobile electronics designers reduce the thickness of their final designs, and are especially useful for integration into side-activated switch configurations.”

Available with standard lead-times, KXT2 Series switches are well suited for infrared reflow soldering in accordance with IEC61760-1, and are shipped in reels of 6,000 pieces.

For more information about C&K’s new compact, long-lifetime, double-action KXT2 Series switches, please visit http://www.ck-components.com/products/switches/product-details/Tactile/KXT2/.

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