Citrix Summit Series: A Three-Part Series to Unlock Innovation

    Citrix introduces a three-part digital summit series where the company will be announcing the latest Citrix and partner innovations that will help customers create the flexible work model they need to unlock the full potential of their workforce. One of the key learnings from the pandemic has been that the businesses that are the most agile are the ones that succeed. Keeping this in mind, the global summit series will cover experts from around the globe, engaging panel discussions, demos, and customer showcases.

    The attendees will also be able to access important resources about how to not only keep business moving but to be ready for anything. Some of the key speakers at the summit include David Henshall – President and CEO at Citrix, Kirsten Kliphouse – President, North America at Google Cloud, Satya Nadella – CEO at Microsoft, and Prakash Kota – CIO at Autodesk, among others.

    Citrix Cloud Summit

    Moving to the cloud is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. The Citrix Cloud Summit – first of the three-part summit, will showcase innovations to simplify and accelerate the hybrid, multi-cloud migration so that one can be better prepared for the next unplanned event. The sessions will help in understanding how you can become more agile by rapidly and reliably migrating to the cloud of your choice, automating your hybrid, multi-cloud workloads, and optimizing performance. The attendees would also be able to get an exclusive peek into the migration tools that can accelerate the move to cloud. The Citrix Cloud Summit will take place digitally on 08th October 2020.

    Citrix Workspace Summit

    Although the definition of a work environment has changed today, the process of innovation continues only when people have the tools they need to achieve their best. The Citrix Workspace Summit will focus on how secure digital workspace technology not only lets users adapt to change—but unlock their full potential. Learn about innovations that enable secure remote work from any location​ and key strategies to better employee experience. The Citrix Workspace Summit is scheduled to take place digitally on 22nd October 2020.

    Citrix Security Summit

    With people working from the most remote locations, the attack surface has grown exponentially. The Citrix Security Summit will feature learnings on how a true zero trust security framework can keep apps, data, and identities protected in the cloud, on-premises, and everywhere in between. The summit will be diving into some of the exciting announcements about new alliances that deliver seamless integration across Citrix and partner solutions. The Citrix Security Summit will take place virtually on 29th October 2020 and will focus on discovering a more intelligent approach to security.

    While the global pandemic has caused the world to re-examine almost every facet of its businesses, it has also opened the door for newer and exciting opportunities. Although the work as we knew it, has changed in many aspects, one thing remains constant – the need to provide a superior and consistent work experience that empowers employees to perform at their best across any work channel or location. The three-part Citrix Summit Series will deep dive into some of the latest innovations and products that will help strengthen the cloud, workspace, and security.

    To know more about these digital summits and register, please visit here. The attendees will also be able to enjoy complimentary hands-on learning resources that can be downloaded at any time.

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