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    Bosch introduces smallest 9-axis motion sensor

    9-axis motion sensor

    Bosch Sensortec has launched a 9-axis motion sensor in a 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.95 mm3 package, claiming it to be the world’s smallest.

    BMX160 includes accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensors, and typically consumes 1.6mA.

    “It is ideally suited for applications such as smartphones, smart watches, fitness trackers, smart glasses, smart jewelry  – rings and necklaces – as well as augmented reality and virtual reality devices,” said the firm.

    It is pin and register-compatible with the firm’s 6-axis BMI160, which does not have a magnetic sense.

    Power management options allow it to remain in sleep mode, for example when counting steps. The integrated step-counter function and the Android compatible significant motion detector consume 30µA each.

    Samples are available for development partners.

    Parameter Technical data
    Package dimension 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.95mm
    Temperature ranges -40 …+85°C
    Supply Voltage (I/O)
    Supply Voltage (Vdd)
    1.2 … 3.6V
    1.71 … 3.6V
    – Gyro full operation
    – Gyro + Acc. + Geomag.
    – Geomag. @full operation
    – Acc. @full operation
    – Suspend mode
    – Significant motion
    – Step detector
    Sensitivity (A): ±2g: 16384 LSB/g
    ±4g: 8192 LSB/g
    ±8g: 4096 LSB/g
    ±16g: 2048 LSB/g(G): ±125°/s: 262.4 LSB/°/s
    ±250°/s: 131 LSB/°/s
    ±500°/s: 65.6 LSB/°/s
    ±1,000°/s: 32.8 LSB/°/s
    ±2,000°/s: 16.4 LSB/°/s
    Resolution (M): 0.3μT
    TCS (typ.) (A): ±0.03%/K
    (M): ±0.01%/K
    (G): ±0.02%/K
    Non-linearity (typ.) (A): ±0.5%FS
    (G): ±0.1 FS
    (M): ±1%FSmax
    Offset (typ.) (A): ±40 mg
    (G): ±3 °/s
    (M): ±40μT
    TCO (typ.) (A): ± 1.0mg/K
    (G): ±0.05/s/K
    Noise density (typ.) (A): 180μg/ √Hz
    (M): 0.3μT
    (G): 0.008°/s/ √Hz
    FIFO size 1,024 byte

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