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    Bioacoustics sensing to create a new sensing platform which will generate interest in wearable consumer electronics

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    Bioacoustics sensing, which integrates biology and acoustics to create a new sensing platform, is generating intense interest in various fields, especially wearable consumer electronics and healthcare. The increased affordability of high-end technologies such as machine learning and augmented reality will further bolster innovations in bioacoustics. Potential medical applications include reduction of cancer tumors; monitoring of respiration, blood pressure and pulse; lung, heart and abdominal auscultation; neuroprosthetics control; and evaluation of muscle strength to optimize stamina. In consumer electronics, bioacoustics can transform user interaction with mobile phones, laptops and electronic appliances and even allow interactive projection to augment environments. Ecological and agricultural applications include species identification and crop protection through early detection of parasites.

    Recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Bioacoustics Sensing–Prospective Opportunities in Key Sectors(, finds that the incorporation of bioacoustic sensing in wearable devices such as armbands will gather pace in the coming decade. While the need for hands-free devices will drive the adoption of bioacoustics in consumer electronics, thin, flexible and biocompatible bioacoustic sensors will find noteworthy use cases in the medical industry.

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    “Unlike discrete or integrated sensors, bioacoustics sensors are lighter and reduce the weight of the overall system,” saidTechVision Research Analyst Sitanshu Shastri. “The use of flexible substrates enables customization according to desired form factor as well as the creation of new designs.”

    The widespread acceptance of bioacoustic devices will largely depend on their lifespan and operational efficiency. Consumers also demand reliability. As such, the inconsistent sound processing and absorption of current bioacoustic solutions leave much desired improvisation. The lack of skilled resources with expertise in sound wave diagnosis and analysis is another challenge slowing down progress.

    The research community is constantly exploring new ways to overcome these technical shortcomings. With the vast potential of bioacoustics systems capturing the attention of the private and government sectors, investments in research and development will soar. Innovators and start-ups will seek to collaborate with device manufacturers in order to build specific solutions for each application.

    “Researchers are fine-tuning existing materials to boost the performance of sensors,” added Shastri. “Meanwhile, manufacturers are looking to employ novel techniques such as atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition to lower the costs of production.”

    With extensive research and stronger partnerships, this budding technology will grow leaps and bounds in the next ten years.

    Bioacoustics Sensing–Prospective Opportunities in Key Sectors, a part of the TechVision( subscription, captures opportunities for bioacoustics sensing technology over the short-, medium- and long-terms evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants. The study offers an overview of key innovations in bioacoustics sensing, including benefits and challenges, funding patterns, patent analysis, implications of innovations and future applications.

    Frost & Sullivan’s global TechVision practice is focused on innovation, disruption and convergence that provides a variety of technology based alerts, newsletters and research services as well as growth consulting services. Its premier offering, theTechVision program, identifies and evaluates the most valuable emerging and disruptive technologies enabling products with near-term potential. A unique feature of the TechVision program is an annual selection of 50 technologies that can generate convergence scenarios, possibly disrupt the innovation landscape, and drive transformational growth. View a summary of our TechVision program by clicking on the following link:

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