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    Axis Solutions Day 2018 showcases innovative products and technologies for a smarter tomorrow

    Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, at Axis Solutions Day 2018, shared implementation details of their large-scale community CCTV Nenu Saitham project in Hyderabad City. The annual event showcased their integrated smart solutions in IP Audio, Retail Suite and Thermal cameras. Centered on the theme, The Future in Integrated Security Solutions, the event brought to fore Axis’ recent India success stories and their key takeaways from prestigious surveillance implementations across the country, including the Mysore City Palace project.

    The Government of Telangana has been proactive in adopting a one-of-its kind smart surveillance implementation. With this community CCTV programme, the Hyderabad City Police is encouraging enterprises, public sectors, residential associations and individuals to invest in CCTV’s procured from government empaneled firms. They will then setup a monitoring centre in their own colonies which in turn can be integrated with the nearest police stations and the Central Command Center.

    This will track, monitor and analyse the video feed for detecting criminal activities, traffic violations and road conditions real time. According to the project, an entity or individual can buy a CCTV system that will cover the premise entry, exit and parking areas to the extent of 50 yards on the road, along with storage and video screen for self-monitoring within the colony. The Government of Telangana will provide the back-end connectivity to the Police Stations, Command Control Centre along with real-time Video Analytics.

    Mahender Reddy, the Director General of Hyderabad Police asserted, “The impact of CCTV installations in Hyderabad City police jurisdiction has been astounding, leading to a huge reduction in overall crime rate by 32 % in the last three years (2014-17) and reduction of 90.6% in chain-snatchings incidents during this period. Additionally, the Government of Telangana is planning to install 15 lakh cameras across the State in the next three years.”

    The thermal cameras using thermal imaging and enhanced low-light capabilities have taken the smart surveillance a step ahead. With built-in analytics, such as Video Motion Detection helps detect motion from moving objects within a predefined area, these intelligent solutions are useful for environments where privacy is of utmost importance like, schools and care homes.

    Solutions Showcase
    • Thermal Cameras
    • Axis IP Audio
    • Analog Speaker
    • Q6125-LE-1
    • P1445-LE-1
    • P3375
    • M5058-PVE-1
    • M5522-E-1


    • Joystick-1
    • P3228-LV-1
    • Surge protector
    • NewMidspan-1
    • Installation display-1
    • FA54-1
    • M3048-P-1
    • M3045-V-1
    • P1447-LE-1




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