Axis Communications felicitated Outstanding Partners at South Asia Pacific Partner Summit 2018

    Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, concluded their three day annual South Asia & Pacific Partner Summit 2018 held in Singapore. The Summit, a joint event for the whole region, provided a platform to interact with key Axis Partners from 11 countries as well as Axis business heads and representatives both from the region and their headquarters. The event also helped facilitate cross pollination of ideas among key partners.

    The conference hosted interactive discussions around the growing importance of security in retail, smart city applications, in-depth panel discussion on innovation in cyber security and how it is interwoven with the organisation’s physical security needs. Axis Communications also felicitated the loyal partners and distributors for outstanding work in their respective fields.

    Speaking on the success of about the summit, Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director, India and SAARC said, “We owe a significant amount of our success to our partners and we believe in recognising and lauding their efforts and contributions. Axis is a strong channel focus organisation wherein we work hand in hand with all our partners who help us take the Axis brand to newer zeniths.”

    The invited members, top performers from India SAARC included 22 partners from India, three from Bangladesh, four from Sri Lanka The conference was held between May 14 and16, 2018 in Singapore. It provided the members and sponsors an opportunity to engage and interact with top management from Axis Communications. They also got insights on the company’s vision and new technologies in the offing.

    Taking forward the Axis Communications’ value of crediting a major portion of their success to their channel partners, the participants were given insights into how Axis can support them in leveraging new market opportunities. India business strategy, product innovations and solutions were also discussed in depth at the conference.

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