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    AVX Releases an Innovative Interconnect Sample Kit for IoT & several Applications

    Available as a physical sample that enables two active demonstrations & as an interactive online simulation, AVX’s new interconnect sample kit presents a broad range of connector solutions ideal for applications in which small size & hi-rel performance are mission critical

    AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has released an innovative new sample kit that showcases a broad range of connectors ideal for use in consumer, medical, industrial, and IoT applications in which small size and high-reliability performance are mission critical. Available as both a physical sample and as an interactive online simulation, the new interconnect sample kit consists of a PCB loaded with 15 examples of board-to-board, wire-to-board, battery, and pogo pin connectors, including several of the STRIPT UL-approved, insulator-less single contacts AVX pioneered to deliver complete connector performance with lower costs and profiles.

    The physical version of the sample kit features a white lid designed to simulate a replaceable or disposable module, and offers two active demonstrations. Using the lid, physical users can experience how AVX’s new vertical-mate battery connectors eliminate angular insertion in pluggable module applications, as well as how easily pogo pin contacts mate with modules in cradle and docking applications, where they can function as the charging, data transfer, or programming interface to a portable device. The virtual interconnect sample kit allows users to navigate the board with their cursor, and provides brief descriptions of each connector category, summary information about each series, and convenient links to each product page.

    “The connectors featured in our new shirt-pocket sample kit are designed to meet an encompassing range of stringent size, cost, and performance objectives in a wide range of consumer, medical, industrial, and IoT applications, including: smart home devices like thermostats and security systems, commercial building controls, machine controls, industrial electronic modules, connected medical devices, such as patient monitoring and drug dispensing equipment, and smart grid meters, breakers, and panels, amongst many others,” said Tom Anderson, connector product manager at AVX.

    Components featured in the new interconnect sample kit include:

    Board-to-Board Connectors: AVX’s board-to-board connector product portfolio includes two-piece connectors, individual contacts, single-piece card edge connectors, and compression connectors designed to satisfy a wide variety of signal and power requirements. Featuring minimal pitches, low stacking heights, a broad range of pin heights, and several robust options that can withstand even extreme shock and vibration, this product family provides ideal packaging solutions for perpendicular, parallel, and coplanar applications. Four representative series are included in the sample kit: 9155 Series low-profile single contacts, 9188 Series staggered stacker connectors,9158 Series dual-row stacker connectors, and 9258 Series ultralow profile stacker connectors.

    Battery Connectors: AVX offers the broadest portfolio of standard battery connectors on the market. Available in both horizontal and vertical options, these robust connectors are ideal for board-to-board connections and battery pack integration. One example, a 9155-800 Series vertical mate 2.0mm pitch battery connector, is included in the sample kit.

    Wire-to-Board Poke-Home Connectors: Featuring several innovative STRIPT products, which were especially designed to provide full-function connector performance without an insulator to reduce both size and cost, AVX’s portfolio of wire-to-board poke-home connectors provide maximum mechanical stability and wire retention in industrial, machine control, commercial building, smart grid, and SSL/LED applications. Four representative series are included in the sample kit: 70-9296 Series single horizontal contacts, 70-9296 Series single vertical contacts, 70-9296 Series micro single vertical contacts, and 00-9296 Series low-profile horizontal connectors.

    Wire-to-Board IDC Connectors: AVX’s portfolio of wire-to-board insulation displacement connectors (IDCs), which also features several STRIPT designs, are tested to automotive levels of shock, vibration, and temperature cycling, and provide gas-tight connections to PCBs for long-term reliability. Four representative series are included in the sample kit: 9176-400 Series single IDC contacts, 9176-500 Series single IDC contacts, 00-9175 Series single-contact IDC connectors, and 9176-650 Series single-tine IDC connectors.

    Pogo Pin Contacts: Designed to provide high cycle life in industrial and medical applications that demand robustness and reliability, AVX’s pogo pin contacts are designed to mate with gold plated PCB pads or flat contacts in docking and cradle applications, are available with contact heights spanning 2.0mm – 5.5mm to provide off-the-shelf solutions for a wide variety of applications, and deliver high reliability and signal integrity for over 10,000 mating cycles. Three 70-9150 Series parallel/stacking pogo pin contacts are included in the sample kit.

    For more information about AVX’s new interconnect sample kit for consumer, medical, industrial, and IoT applications that demand small size and high-reliability performance, please visit to access the interactive online kit, and any of the many embedded links above for more information about specific connector series.

    For all other inquiries, please visit, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.

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