AVX honoured with 2018 TTI Asia Supplier Excellence Award

    AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control, and antenna solutions, has received a prestigious 2018 TTI Asia Supplier Excellence Award. Bestowed by TTI, Inc., an authorized specialty distributor of interconnect, passive, and electromechanical (IP&E) components, the award honors AVX for having successfully fulfilled several key quality performance metrics designed to elevate supplier and distributor performance in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction throughout Asia.

    Representing the highest possible recognition of a supplier’s performance within Asia with regard to quality acceptance, ship-to-commit delivery date, effective business systems, ease of doing business, and both the quality and efficacy of field employee and management relationships, the 2018 TTI Asia Supplier Excellence Award honors AVX for successful fulfillment of the following performance metrics: on-time delivery, receiving quality, customer-reported quality, administrative quality, operations and business systems, and sales and management support. Anthony Chan, President, TTI Asia Pacific, presented the award to Alex Schenkel, AVX Senior Vice President of Sales, during an annual business review meeting in Hong Kong on May 17, 2019.

    “The 2018 TTI Asia Supplier Excellence Award marks the third time AVX has been recognized in our program, which has been instrumental in elevating supplier and distributor performance since being introduced in Asia in 2007,” said Sam Sung, Vice President, Product and Supplier Marketing, TTI Asia. “This is a significant achievement that not only represents the ongoing successful partnership between AVX and TTI Asia, but also the dedication of all the AVX Asia employees to our program and their commitment to providing exceptional quality, on-time delivery, and outstanding customer service.”

    “We are honored to have received our third TTI Asia Supplier Excellence Award, and are very proud to have been recognized for our success by such a valued strategic partner as TTI,” said AVX Senior Vice President of Sales, Alex Schenkel.  “AVX consistently strives to exceed expectations with regard to customer satisfaction and is committed to continuously improving upon our quality performance.”

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