AVX Announces STRIPT Connectors


Introduced to the market in early 2010 as naked connector technology, AVX’s broad range of revolutionary & robust insulator-less single contacts will now be sold as STRIPT connectors

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has rebranded its revolutionary single contact technology. Introduced to the market in early 2010 as naked connector technology, AVX’s broad range of robust, insulator-less single contacts will now be sold as STRIPT connectors.

STRIPT connectors are UL-certified single contacts that deliver the same performance as complete connector solutions without the additional space required by and assembly costs associated with a plastic insulator, effectively bridging the gap between hand soldering and one- and two-piece connector solutions. Based on unique board-to-board (BTB) and wire-to-board (WTB) single-contact designs pioneered by AVX, and constructed with premium base contact materials, STRIPT connectors enable engineers to meet stringent cost, performance, and robustness specifications in a wide variety of harsh commercial, industrial, medical, transportation, and solid-state lighting applications.

“We developed STRIPT single contact technology in response to customer requests for cost-effective board-to-board and wire-to-board solutions that would help simplify designs and preserve board space while maintaining the robustness, reliability, and reparability of existing connector solutions,” said Tom Anderson, connector product manager, AVX. “Connectors don’t need to be enclosed in a plastic housing, even in harsh environments. As supported by the series’ full UL approval, exposed contacts are no different than exposed solder pads on a PCB with regard to robustness; and that fact — combined with the instant cost savings, equivalent or improved performance, and board and/or height savings that these contacts deliver — has been met with an abundance of customer enthusiasm.”

Although competing products have emerged in the years since the market introduction of this original technology, AVX’s STRIPT connectors are the clear market leader, available in four different contact technologies (gas-tight and potting-compatible WTB insulation displacement contacts; horizontal and vertical poke-home contacts; gold-plated, ultra-low profile BTB compression contacts; and 10,000-cycle-life pogo-pin BTB contacts), in addition to the broadest range of AWG, pin counts, heights, current ratings, and configurations (horizontal, vertical, top, inverse, stacking, and coplanar).

STRIPT connectors have received several industry awards — earning recognition in the 2014 and 2013 Electronic Design Top 101 Components list and 2013 Electronic Products Product of the Year Awards — and are ideal for use in applications including: commercial building controls, such as fire and security; smart grid meters, breakers, and panels; portable commercial and industrial handheld terminals, scanners, and meters; machine controls, such as motors, drives, sensors, solenoids, pumps, and fans; industrial electronic modules and controls; console, police, and emergency lighting; SSL bulbs, fixtures, streetlights, and signage; and medical devices, such as patient monitoring and drug dispensing equipment.

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