Automation is the Future of Recruitment, Global Survey Suggests

About 55% of respondents comprising 522 companies across the globe believe that digital innovation for recruitments is going to be the new normal.

Organisations worldwide are increasingly going in for recruiting automation and adoption of chatbots, and live digital interviews will gain further momentum in next few years, says a report.

According to a global survey by KellyOCG, about 55 percent of respondents comprising 522 companies across the globe (including India), believe that digital innovation for recruitments is going to be the new normal.

“While employers are grappling with talent shortage, there are more passive job seekers than ever before. This situation is driving organisations to adopt digital processes,” KellyOCG India, Country Director, Francis Padamadan said.

Padamadan further said while many organisations are in the early stages of recruiting automation, some are already on the cutting edge and such vanguard organisations or innovators experience fewer hiring challenges than organisations with more traditional approaches.

Globally, employers are using technologies like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to gather applications electronically, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system to enhance candidate experience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and backend automation.

Further, as one-third of job seekers worldwide have searched for a job through their mobile devices, mobile-based ATS is also becoming an essential technology for companies, the report said adding one in five organisations intends using AI and automation in the next two years.

As per the report, chatbots are playing a major role in tactical work like recruiting concierge, bot-run interview prep class, talent community management and responses to candidates.

Another technology which has found large-scale adoption is live digital interviewing. Forty-six percent of those surveyed say they will use live digital interviewing in the next few years.

“Candidates are becoming like consumers and employers are aware that candidate relationship management will differentiate their employer brand in the market. Hence, they have bought into automation and those who have deployed digital processes are experiencing positive outcomes. Full automation will be the way ahead,” Padamadan said.

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