Automation Expo 2022 to Focus on Sustainability through Innovative Technologies

    After two years of absence forced by the Covid-19 pandemic, Automation Expo – Asia‟s second-largest and India‟s biggest international exhibition of automation technologies – returns with the 15th edition as a live event from 16th to 19th August, in Halls 1 & 2 of Bombay Exhibition Centre at NEC Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai.

    For close to two years, travel restrictions and health safety guidelines imposed by governments across the world in the wake of the deadly global pandemic forced the cancellation of all global events. Several of these, including Automation Expo Connect 2021, were held successfully in digital format, but vendors and end-users, as well as other stakeholders in the automation ecosystem including consultants, system integrators and the student community, were sorely missing the excitement and experience of the live show with its many networking opportunities. After two years of restrictions, 2022 has witnessed many positives, including the removal of air travel and other restrictions by India and the world at large. Poised evenly on the edge between crisis and recovery, this is the time for the industry to adapt to the positive turn of events, and bounce back to normal, pre-Covid routine, while still observing the basic protocols, especially in terms of personal hygiene.

    “Automation Expo 2022 comes at an opportune moment when the pandemic has subsided substantially, and travel restrictions removed by most governments globally. The pandemic has also generated a renewed thrust for automation and digital transformation for most enterprises, finally helping them truly understand the benefits. When the stringent lockdown was imposed after the first wave of the pandemic, companies that had automated their operations and begun their digital transformation process were in a much better position to keep production going with minimum manpower. Automation Expo 2022 brings back the excitement of a physical event and the personal element of in-person meetings,” says Dr M Arokiaswamy, Chairman & Managing Director, IED Communications, the brain behind this iconic event.

    Apart from the regular focus areas of Factory Automation, Process Automation & Control, Robotics, Field Instrumentation, Control Rooms, IIoT, Cybersecurity, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Industrie 4.0 and other emerging technologies, Automation Expo 2022 has added two new zones this year:

    1. The Building Automation Zone encompasses areas like HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical, lighting, shading, Access Control, Security Systems, and other interrelated systems through a Building Management System (BMS). This is one of the fastest-growing segments that fit in the overall quest for sustainability as well as optimization of energy As per a recent report, the global building automation and controls market is expected to witness significant growth in the next five years.
    2. The Environment Protection Zone has special relevance with the growing support for the „net zero emissions‟ goal pledged by over 130 countries, to be achieved by 2050. Rapid industrialization is one of the factors contributing to severe environmental damage. Toxic emissions from various industries pollute the air, and water and environmental regulatory authorities need manufacturing industries to track pollutants through emission monitoring systems. The market for Emission Monitoring Systems is estimated to grow from USD 2.4 bn in 2018 to USD 4.4 bn by 2025 at a CAGR of 9.3%.

    “Automation Expo 2022 seeks to build upon the rich legacy of over two decades, with the aspiration of becoming a self-reliant nation, re-inventing the manufacturing landscape to align with the larger goals of sustainable development. The vendor industries are ready to exhibit products & services where there can be a lot to gain from promoting new products and solutions in person after the online interlude lacking the personal touch. Visitors too are eager to explore new business opportunities through physical events, as nothing replaces face-to-face relationships. With technology providing solutions to the many problems facing the world, „New World, New Platform, Infinite Opportunities‟ is the theme of Automation Expo 2022,” says Jyothi Joseph, Director, IED Communications.

    Automation Expo is continuously mentored and guided by a Board of Governors comprising over 45 seasoned professionals from the automation industry, all of whom are present during the show. Their collective expertise guides the organizers in keeping the event in tune with the latest trends of the industry, as well as meeting the requirements of the current needs of the industry.

    The concurrent events planned during Automation Expo 2022 include The CEO Conclave, Conferences on IIoT Meta Data, Building Automation & Environment Protection.

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