Automated Electronics Test, best for meeting escalating requirements

Electronics engineers must develop performance- and cost-optimized systems in less time. When building or buying a test system, the best solutions scale to meet escalating requirements while shortening time to market and driving down costs.

Smart devices are creating an inflection point in automated test for both the test managers and engineers challenged with ensuring the quality of these devices at increasingly lower costs, and for the vendors who serve them. To test their smart devices, organizations are transitioning from the status quo of rack-and-stack box instruments and closed-architecture automated test equipment (ATE) systems to smarter test systems that scale with escalating requirements to continually shorten time to market and drive down cost.

NI’s approach to automated test empowers smarter test systems. With a platform built from the ground up for customization, either through the latest commercial technology or through your domain knowledge, you become part of a living, breathing, and evolving ecosystem that’s already responsible for creating innovative approaches to automated test across every industry.