ASMPT SMT Solutions appoints Wilson Chia as Director Regional Service for Rest of Asia

    ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) SMT Solutions has appointed Wilson Chia as its Director of Regional Service for the Rest of Asia (ROA) region. With his vast experience in the electronic SMT industry, he will focus on product quality, customer service excellence and service operations in the ROA region in his new role.

    Wilson has more than 30 years of sales, service and management experience in the electronics SMT, Semiconductor and PCBA industries, covering Southeast Asia, India and China. He held various senior management and has achieved success with well-established global and MNC companies. His international career path has led him to be previously based in Thailand, India, and China.

    Throughout his time and experience in this electronic business industry, Wilson has built a reputation for developing business strategies, bringing up customer service to the next level, and building up strategic partner relationships, distributor management and key account customer management. His expertise is both rich and experienced, which is exactly what we need here at ASM.

    As Director of Regional Service, Wilson will drive and provide the service excellence and outstanding customer value-add to the ROA region comprises Australia, Cambodia, India (incl. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh), Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.
    Leading position in after-sales
    Wilson will be extending the leading position in the after-sales business and expanding the technological leadership of ASMPT SMT Solutions in its market segment. He will focus on service capabilities with World-Class after-sales service standards. Wilson will implement excellent delivery systems, and service standards with customer-oriented KPIs.

    He will also be responsible for all technical and order management activities, which comprise repairs, warranty returns, spare parts, and process support products (PSP). He will formulate and execute the strategies within the global technical operations network; as well as represent the ROA voice of customers within the global network.

    “It carries great responsibility in my new role to manage the company service business and excel in our service level to world-class service standard,” says Wilson.

    “Make a customer, not a sale”!

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