Arrow Electronics and Mojo Networks Collaborate to Bring Next-Generation Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution to Market

arrow_featuredGlobal technology provider Arrow Electronics, Inc. and enterprise Wi-Fi innovator Mojo Networks are collaborating to disrupt the IT network solutions market. The companies have joined forces to enable one of the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based access point models, combining Mojo’s technological innovation with Arrow’s leading capabilities in supply chain, cloud and IoT enablement.

“Arrow and Mojo Networks are working Five Years Out to bring flexible, next-generation IT system solutions to our customers and resellers today,” said Cathy Morris, Arrow’s chief strategy officer. “IT procurement models are rapidly evolving, and Arrow’s collaboration with Mojo will help accelerate the pace of hardware and software disaggregation, reducing hardware and software maintenance costs and improving overall business agility and IT service delivery.”

Historically, it has been difficult for most enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of disaggregation because it comes with the added challenges of integration, technical support and logistics management. However, Arrow is helping to remove any complexity surrounding the transaction or management of Mojo’s innovative Wi-Fi access point solution.

“This is a huge step in establishing a marketplace where hardware costs are fair and reasonable and are no longer tied to the software that runs on those platforms,” said Rick Wilmer, CEO of Mojo Networks. “This model represents the future of IT purchasing. Arrow is a visionary and leader with the scale and operational experience to work with Mojo Networks to bring this model to the market today.”

Mojo is not only leveraging Arrow’s global supply chain capabilities to significantly shorten its access-point manufacturing process and get products to market faster, the company is also utilizing Arrow’s unrivaled supply chain capabilities in procurement, warehousing and logistics for global finished-goods fulfillment for all of its customers and distributors. Additionally, Mojo is leveraging Arrow’s unparalleled IT reseller ecosystem to help significantly extend the reach of its global sales and cloud enablement efforts, as well as move beyond a one-time hardware transaction model and into a subscription-based cloud model.

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