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    Anritsu’s Cost-Cutting Hi-Performance 5G Signal Analyzer  

    Anritsu Corporation releases its low-cost high-performance Signal Analyzer MS2850A on May 29, targeting development and commercial production of 5G mobile communications systems.

    The MS2850A with world-beating 1 GHz analysis bandwidth supports evaluation of 5G multi-carrier signals, while installed 5G measurement software packages leverage the MS2850A’s excellent dynamic range and high flatness performance to cut measurement times using all-at-once, high-accuracy measurements of the 5G 800 MHz modulation bandwidth (eight 100 MHz band carriers).

    North America, S. Korea, Japan, and China are leading the world’s nations in examining the introduction of next-generation 5G cellular mobile communications systems with plans to start actual testing from late 2017 into 2018. Wireless equipment makers leading 5G development have started transitioning from the development and verification testing phases to the development of commercial models and preparations for manufacturing. Holding down future large infrastructure costs is a major issue for makers who urgently need a high-performance but cost-effective 5G signal analyzer meeting both development and manufacturing requirements. Furthermore, other non-5G communications fields have the same requirements as 5G when broadband communications come into use offering larger data capacity at faster speeds.

    [Product Outline]

    ■ Signal Analyzer MS2850A

    Frequency:             9 kHz to 32 GHz/44.5 GHz (two models)

    Analysis Bandwidth:     255 MHz (standard), 510 MHz (option), 1 GHz (option)

    ■ 5G Standard Measurement Software (Base License)   MX285051A
    Pre-Standard CP-OFDM Downlink (Rel.1)            MX285051A-001
    Pre-Standard CP-OFDM Uplink (Rel.1)                  MX285051A-051

    The Signal Analyzer MS2850A supports Tx performance evaluations at wireless equipment development and manufacturing; the 32 GHz and 44.5 GHz measurement frequency models have an analysis bandwidth of 255 MHz as standard, which can be extended as an option up to 1 GHz. Noise Figure (NF) and Phase Noise measurement functions required for basic evaluations of wireless communications equipment can be installed in both models.

    Installing the 5G measurement software packages in the MS2850A supports measurement of 5G uplink and downlink signal frequency error, power, EVM, etc., using CP-OFDM modulation. Additionally, downlink measurements evaluate multi-carriers all at once.

    Not only does the MS2850A support all previous cellular technologies such as, LTE, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, and GSM, it also offers future-proof support for the new 5G standards now under discussion by 3GPP.

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