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    Anritsu: RF & Microwave Test technology, a few tips

    On latest concepts in RF instrumentation and measurement

    RF Instrumentation is increasing and improving with technological advancement. Now a day’s smart city, smart transport, connected car, connected society is hot topic and RF technology plays a key role here. RF technology will enable a connected and safer society in future. New type of material is used for antenna which helps to transmit and receive more data leading to mobile user happy. Indoor coverage is improved by using RF MW technology. RFID, IOT, M2M, D2D are some of the latest trend in RF MW world.

    Test & Measurment

    Advantages of software-defined, modular instrumentation

    Software defined testing is increasing and getting popular in many domains. Few companies have started focus of RF MW tech under this segment promoting modular instrumentation. Modular instrumentation provides flexibly to upgrade test capability as and when required.

    All Base Station manufacturers are using SDR- Software Defined Radio for cellular technology. This improves transmission efficiency and help to configure baste station based on load/traffic. Therefore users get better quality of service. Network monitoring in such base station is easy and real time.

    Learn time-saving tips and advanced testing techniques

    Now a days GUI is friendlier and end users take lesser time to learn instrument, its feature or operation. Testing technique is getting easier and simple which saves learning time.

    RF & Microwave Test technology

    On specific design and test challenges

    Technology is changing very fast and design engineers have challenge to test it. mmWave technology is evolving and complete test solution is underway.  Future communication technique will use mmwave technology and it will change society landscape.

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