Anritsu introduces Industry’s First 4×4 MIMO 256QAM Measurement Software Supporting All DL 3CC CA Band Combinations

mt8821c-xrAnritsu Corp Japan Introduces Industry’s First 4×4 MIMO 256QAM Measurement Software Supporting All DL 3CC CA Band Combinations.

Combining two MT8821C units supports unrestricted DL 3CC CA 4×4 MIMO 256QAM measurements and settings for all CC bands and bandwidth configurations

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) has developed the industry’s first 4×4 MIMO*1 256QAM evaluation function supporting all 3CC CA*2 band combinations and strengthening the functions of the company’s Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C. With this new release, tests of LTE-Advanced DL 3CC CA 4×4 MIMO 256QAM mobiles are supported with no restrictions on frequency and signal bandwidth combinations. This software update is available from October 26.

With built-in LTE-Advanced RF TRx test base station emulation functions, the all-in-one MT8821C already supports all DL 2CC CA 4×4 MIMO and DL 3CC CA standards. Combining two MT8821C units with this firmware update adds support for evaluating 4×4 MIMO 256QAM RF Rx*3 performance for all DL 3CC CA band combinations  as part of Anritsu’s measurement solutions for facilitating deployment of LTE-Advanced broadband multi-function networks.

Development Background

The explosive increase in rich-content services, such as mobile video on demand, is driving deployment of the faster LTE-Advanced technology by network operators worldwide.

The key technologies for increasing the speed of LTE-Advanced are carrier aggregation, which aggregates several component carriers into one, and MIMO, which uses multiple antennas for communications.

Anritsu launched its DL 4×4 MIMO measurement software in March 2016 and supports evaluation of LTE-Advanced DL 2CC CA 4×4 MIMO terminals with its all-in-one MT8821C. The MT8821C outputs up to 8 independent signals but by synchronizing two MT8821C units using this newly developed software, up to 12 signals can be output for 4×4 MIMO 256QAM measurements, supporting all DL 3CC CA band combinations.

Product Outline

Product: Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C

Key Functions: RF TRx tests and base-station emulation

New Function: Using a configuration of two synchronized MT8821C units in which the previously released LTE-Advanced DL 3CC CA measurement software and this new 4×4 MIMO measurement software have been installed supports evaluation of 4×4 MIMO 256QAM UE for all DL 3CC CA band combinations.

Target Markets and Applications

■ Target Markets: Chipset and UE makers, communications carriers

■ Target Applications: Development of chipsets and UE hardware, carrier acceptance inspection tests


*1 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)

Technology for achieving fast communications speeds by using multiple antennas to send and receive data simultaneously; 4×4 MIMO uses four antennas each for sending and receiving.

*2 3CC CA

Carrier aggregation (CA) is a technology for increasing data transmission rates by securing a wider bandwidth by simultaneously using multiple component carriers. It is classified into three main types according to the arrangement of each component carrier: Inter Band CA, Intra-Band Contiguous CA, and Intra-Band Non-contiguous CA.

・Inter Band CA: Separate band allocated for each component carrier

・Intra-Band Contiguous CA: All component carriers allocated in one band and with contiguous frequencies

・Intra-Band Non-contiguous CA: All component carriers allocated in one band but with non-contiguous frequencies

3CC CA is a carrier aggregation using three component carriers.

*3 RF TRx Performance Evaluation

Test for evaluating whether UE can receive DL signal with level close to Rx sensitivity level; specified by 3GPP TS 36.521-1 Chapter 7 for LTE.