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    Anritsu Corp. Obtains World’s First PTCRB Certification

    —Leader in GCF/PTCRB Certifications—

    News Release—June 14, 2016 , Bangalore (India)
    LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System

    LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873L

    Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) has obtained the world’s first PTCRB certification*1 for Three Downlink Carrier Aggregation*2 (3DL CA) RRM tests*3 forming a key LTE-Advanced technology*4 and measured by the company’s LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873L. This certification gives Anritsu the world lead in PTCRB-certified test cases.

    The Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology supporting high-speed data communications is defined by 3GPP Release 10*5 and operators worldwide are already rolling out 2DL CA services combining two downlink signals. However, to increase speeds even further, the 3DL CA technology combining three downlink signals is being introduced this year in Japan, N. America and S. Korea, with other countries planning services soon.

    To help play a role in the start of 3DL CA services, Anritsu has focused its efforts on obtaining GCF*6 and PTCRB certifications. The company’s LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA obtained the world’s first PTCRB certification for 3DL CA RF tests in September 2015, and April 2016 marked the award of GCF approval for more than 80% of 3DL CA conformance test cases. This June award from PTCRB marks the start of 3DL CA RRM tests.

    Commercial LTE-Advanced mobile terminals are certified by GCF and PTCRB for worldwide use; as a condition for starting certification by GCF, more than 80% of test cases used for LTE-Advanced terminal Carrier Aggregation standards conformance testing must have obtained GCF certification. Moreover, PTCRB requires coverage of more than 50% of approved test cases as a condition for test houses performing terminal certification.

    With the world lead in GCF/PTCRB test-case certifications, Anritsu’s LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA meets both these requirements with a single test set.  The world-beating ME7873LA test system not only helps UE makers and carriers with early deployment of 3DL CA services, it also contributes to better product quality.  Anritsu is also focusing efforts on future development of LTE-Advanced conformance test systems to help further development and growth of mobile broadband services.

    [Product Outline]

    LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA

    The ME7873LA is a test platform for verifying compliance of LTE/LTE-Advanced mobile-terminal RF TRX characteristics, performance, etc., with 3GPP standards.

    It is used by mobile operators worldwide, especially in Japan, N. America, and Asia, as an acceptance inspection test system.

    [Glossary of Terms]

    *1 PTCRB: PCS Type Certification Review Board

    Standards organization defining network operation and mobile terminal certification tests for assuring global interconnectivity between mobile terminals, particularly for frequency bands used in North America; PTCRB-certified measurement systems and measurement items are guaranteed to have the test performance (measurement procedure and accuracy) required for verification tests of mobile terminals.

    *2 Three Downlink Carrier Aggregation (3DL CA)

    Carrier Aggregation technology creates a virtual wide bandwidth by aggregating several frequency bands; wireless communications systems can transfer more data at faster speeds as the frequency band becomes wider. 3DL CA aggregates three frequency bands.

    *3 RRM Tests

    Tests related to allocation of resources (wireless circuit, etc.) between base station and mobile terminals.

    *4 LTE-Advanced

    Higher-speed standard for mobile communications systems evolved from earlier LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard and offering faster download speeds of at least 4000 Mbps and upload speeds of at least 1500 Mbps. 

    *5 3GPP Release 10

    International standard in series of standards related to LTE-Advanced technology defined by 3GPP partnership project regulating high-speed mobile communications technologies.

    *6 GCF: Global Certification Forum

    Standards organization for defining verification test standards for network operations and mobile terminals to ensure global interoperability of mobiles. GCF-approved measurement systems and measurement items guarantee that the test performance (measurement procedure and accuracy) meets the requirements for mobile terminal verification systems.


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