Analog Devices Sys-Parameter Library for Keysight Technologies’ Genesys Software

Analog Devices, announced the release of an extensive RF amplifier library of Sys-Parameters models for Keysight Technologies, Inc.’s Genesys RF simulation and synthesis software. Genesys is an easy-to-use RF and microwave simulation software tool that performs interactive budget analysis of modulated RF specs such as error vector magnitude (EVM) and adjacent-channel power ratio (ACPR) performance for entire RF signal chains. This enables the easy selection and comparison of suitable components for RF applications.Analog Devices is one the first adopters of Sys-Parameter models, which provide the convenience of an electronic datasheet that can be simulated directly without the need for manual creation of data files and equations to use them.

Keysight Sys-Parameters are RF system component behavioral parameters, such as amplifier P1dB, IP3, gain, noise figure and VSWR, which describe nonlinear and linear characteristics in a convenient spreadsheet format for use in simulation.The ADI Sys-Parameter library of almost 100 RF amplifiers range from gain blocks to power amplifiers covering frequencies from DC to 86 GHz. These componentsserve applications such as wireless communications, test and measurement, and radar. RF system designers can quickly selectoff-the-shelf components and design RF signal chains accurately in one pass. ADI’s Sys-Parameter model library is pre-installed in Release 2015.08 of Keysight Genesys. Updated versions of the library will be available for download from http://www.keysite.comand

  • Download a trial version of Keysight GenesysSoftwarewhich contains ADI’s Sys-Parameter library of RF amplifiers:
  •  View ADI’s broad portfolio of RF ICs:
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