Analog Devices to Receive 2017 IEEE Corporate Innovation Award

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) January 12, 2017, announced that the company has been honored with the 2017 IEEE Corporate Innovation Award “for sustained innovation and leadership in the development of high-performance data converter technology and products.”  This award was established in 1985 to recognize outstanding innovation by organizations across the world, and recipients are honored for their resolve to discover, extend, or complement technological advancements in education, industry, research, and service in IEEE fields of interest.

ADI was recognized for pushing data converter performance boundaries in areas such as sample rate, dynamic range, power efficiency, and integration. These innovations enabled new system architectures that helped the digital revolution to open new markets and applications. ADI converters have provided key enabling technology in fields as diverse as scientific and industrial instruments, wireless telecommunications, audio, video and imaging processing, medical imaging, automotive, consumer, and aerospace and defense systems.

“Our data converter leadership has been ADI’s most distinguished contribution to the semiconductor industry, and is an important part of the foundation upon which we built our success over the last 50 years,” said Ray Stata, cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Analog Devices. “This is a record achievement that represents and celebrates our rich history, and in which we all take great pride. We thank the IEEE Awards Board for this honor, and all of our employees for their sustained dedication to engineering innovation.”

ADI has advanced converter technology at various levels including system level design, integration, architecture, circuit, material, and test. These innovations have led to notable improvements in resolution of SAR ADCs, delta-sigma converters with significant benefits in cost/power/integration, very high accuracy precision DACs, and high speed ADCs and DACs that pushed the limits of converter speed with high dynamic range.

Providing educational materials both at professional and university levels has been an important driver for ADI’s championing of industry change. ADI’s culture of teaching and willingness to share information through publishing its work helped move the entire industry, as evidenced by award-winning IEEE conference papers, teaching grants, the publication of application notes, journals, textbooks, and seminars.

Ray Stata will represent Analog Devices and receive the award at the 2017 IEEE Honors Ceremony, which will be the culminating event at the new IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit held on May 25, 2017 at The Palace in San Francisco (

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