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    Analog Devices mmW 5G Chipset Addresses Full 5G NR FR2 Spectrum

    Analog Devices, Inc. introduced today a millimetre-wave (mmW) 5G front-end chipset that addresses required frequency bands enabling designers to reduce complexity and bring smaller and more versatile radios to market faster. The chipset comprises four highly integrated ICs and provides a complete solution to significantly reduce the number of components needed for 24 to 47GHz 5G radios.

    As mmW 5G deployment accelerates globally, operators are facing greater pressure to reduce rollout costs while expanding their network footprint with more energy-efficient, lightweight, and reliable radios. This requires highly linear, compact, and power-efficient wideband products that allow design reuse over multiple bands without compromising on quality and performance. The ADI mmW 5G front-end chipset allows OEMs to depart from the narrowband paradigm where competing solutions have traded-off design execution difficulty and radio frequency (RF) performance for bandwidth, while also outsourcing critical pieces of intellectual property such as packaging, test, and thermal modelling.

    The new chipset comprises two single-channel (1T1R) up/down converters (UDCs) and two dual-polarization 16-channel beamformer devices on an advanced CMOS process. The power efficiency and linear output power provided by the beamformers enable size, weight, power, and cost reduction in mmW phased array designs compared to competing solutions. The full-band UDCs with high drive levels eliminate the need for frequency band variants and absorb driver stages for bill of materials savings. The chipset also enables seamless operation of phased array calibration functions online in the field in addition to factory non-volatile memory (NVM) through patented IP. This allows OEMs to move beyond the constraints of legacy NVM-only designs limited to one-time factory calibration of the beamformer, which does not address non-idealities external to the ICs and results in sub-optimal calibration results.

    The Analog Devices’ mmW 5G front-end chipset includes:

    • ADMV4828—16-channel beamformer covering the entire 24-29.5GHz band in a single IC with >12.5dBm output power at 3% EVM with a 400MHz 64QAM 5G NR waveform while consuming only 310mW
    • ADMV4928—16-channel beamformer covering the entire 37 to 43.5GHz band in a single IC with >11.5dBm output power at 3% EVM with a 400MHz 64QAM 5G NR waveform while consuming only 340mW
    • ADMV1128—24 GHz to 29.5 GHz wideband UDC with optional on-chip RF switch and hybrid, x2 /x4 LO multiplier modes & baseband IQ
    • ADMV1139—37 GHz to 50GHz wideband UDC for the upcoming 47GHz, as well as the 37 to 43.5GHz 5G NR bands, in a single IC with optional on-chip RF switch and hybrid, with baseband IQ support

    With a long heritage in mmW signal chain solutions, Analog Devices offers full in-house quality management and package development, enabling engineers to create reliable, fully optimized, and customizable 5G radios quickly.

    Product Availability

    Product Full



    5G NR Bands Addressed Packaging
    ADMV4828 NOW n257, n258 and n261 304-ball, 10 mm × 8.5 mm CSP BGA
    ADMV4928 NOW n260, n259 239-ball, 10 mm × 7 mm CSP BGA
    ADMV1128 NOW n257, n258 and n261 131-ball, 6 mm × 6.5 mm CSP BGA
    ADMV1139 NOW n260, n259 & n262 131-ball, 6 mm × 6.5 mm CSP BGA

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