Analog Devices introduce Sigma-DeltaA/D Converters

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    For Improve Signal Quality Monitoring in Instrumentation, Energy and Healthcare Applications

    Analog Devices has introduced a series of 24-bit simultaneous sampling sigma-delta A/D converters for wide-bandwidth, high-density instrumentation, energy and healthcare equipment. The new AD7768 series includes a power scalable modulator and digital filter on each channel to enable the synchronized, precise measurement of both ac and dc signals in instrumentation applications, including modular data acquisition, audio test, and asset condition monitoring. The high throughput, fast settling response, and simultaneous sampling of the AD7768 series enables faster test times, which reduces testing costs and allows more efficient instrumentation design. The AD7768 series’ high channel count provides healthcare devices, such as clinical vital signs monitoring equipment, with the means to significantly expand channel density while maintaining low power and high input bandwidth.The new converters also deliver improved power quality monitoring through the ability to detect harmonic distortion over a wider bandwidth for detection and diagnosis of grid imbalance. A scalable, easy-to-configurelayout also allows system designers to save additional time and cost by using a single converter series across multiple equipment platforms, performance points andmeasurement ranges.

    The 24-bit, 8-channel AD7768 and the24-bit, 4-channel AD7768-4 have a 6-dB dynamic range advantage over the nearest competing products and deliver the industry’s best integral non-linearity (INL)performance across the widest available bandwidth, in addition to achieving 10 timesbetter offset, a 30 timesreduction in gain error, and a 2 timesimprovement in gain drift.


    Pricing and Availability

    Product Output Data Rate Resolution Channel Count Availability Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
    AD7768 256 kSPS 24-Bit 8 Now $18.95 64-lead LQFP
    AD77768-4 256 kSPS 24-Bit 4 Now $10.75 64-lead LQFP
    AD7761 256 kSPS 16-Bit 8 Now $7.75 64-lead LQFP



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