Amphenol RF adds new connector options to SMPM product line

Amphenol RF expands its SMPM product line to include more connector choices for small package applications

Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the expansion of our popular SMPM product line to include several new connector configurations. These connectors utilize the micro-miniature interface and perform at a frequency range of DC to 65 GHz. They are most commonly used in high-frequency coaxial applications with small package design requirements.

The SMPM product line is available in full detent and smooth bore, both of which provide secure engagement and disengagement forces. Ideal applications include high-speed signal transmission and blind-mate, board-to-board systems using a floating bullet. The floating bullet provides a link between the mated pairs and compensates for radial and axial misalignment.

Along with standard connectors, Amphenol RF offers a full line of adapters and fixed-length cable assemblies that are conveniently available through distribution.

Amphenol RF is a leading manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, Amphenol RF has global sales, marketing and manufacturing locations in North America, Asia and Europe.  Standard products include RF connectors, coaxial adapters and RF cable assemblies.  Custom engineered products include multi-port ganged interconnect, blind mate and hybrid mixed-signal solutions


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