Amazon to Unleash In-House Gadget Experts

Amazon, the online retailer to begin its own in-home installation and repair service to compete with Geek Squad .According to sources, Amazon had been hiring “An army of in-house gadget experts” to offer free Alexa consultations and paid product installations to customers.

The service focuses on helping customers building a smart home with use of some devices like Ring Video Doorbell, Phillips Hue Light Bulbs, eero’s mesh Wi-Fi network or Amazon’s Fire TV .Smart home market projects might be huge in coming years but many consumers simply does not understand it right now.

Amazon is charging $9.99 only to set up its own Fire TV devices. Amazon is offering 45 minutes of Alexa Smart Home Consultations for free of cost, in which Amazon’s experts will demo popular products and will also answer consumer questions.

Amazon indeed declined to comment on the story, but ‘field technicians’ job listing in Hoboken, Miami, Houston and Las Vegas proves that a major expansion is under the works.


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