All new force sensors touch to address the desired electrical output

    Rajguru Electronics unveils the all new range of force sensors touch, the FST-R-0005-ST, FST-R-0013-ST and FST-S-0038-ST.

    Features: Detection and Measurement of Force/Pressure; Made of flexible substrates; Possible uses: Sensing Human Touch: Input for: Gaming, Medical Applications, Navigation Controls; Measuring Grip; Simple Construction; Low Profile.

    Mechanical Specifications: Actuations Cycles: >1 million; Actuation Force: 0.1 Newtons; Force Range: 0.1N to 10N; Thickness: <0.020in [0.51mm]; Z-axis Travel: 0.006in.

    Electrical Specifications: Resistance Range: 10Mohms to 1Kohms; Resolution: continuous; Repeatability: ±10%; Non-Actuated Resistance: >10MOhms.

    Environmental Specifications: Operating Temperature: -30°C to + 70°C; IP Rating of Active Area: IP60 (Stock), IP65 (Custom Option)

    How It Works: In simple terms, the Force Sensor Touch is a layered electrical membrane based on a specialty resistive ink on one layer that varies in resistance value as it is being pushed. The more force, the greater the conductivity of the ink, registering a resistance curve that shows the amount of force given to the sensor. On another later, is the signal processing that transmits the change in resistance to the electronics.

    By pressing down with an actuator or a finger, requiring no electrical properties of the actuation device, the Force Sensor Touch will give the desired electrical output. The top and bottom circuits are separated by 0.15mm (0.006″) spacer adhesive build-up and contact between the circuit occurs by pressure from the non-conductive mechanism.

    The FST is not a precision instrument, like a strain gauge or load cell, but is an accurate measurement of the amount of force applied to a specific location, for wider tolerance objects.

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