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    AI, Disruptive Technologies to impact work practices in India

    So what is the industry’s take on disruptive technologies in India? Global software major Adobe went to find this out for their new report, taking in the inputs from around 5,000 tech and marketing professionals across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, and here are some of the findings.

    • Over 60 per cent of Indian marketers believes new-age technologies are going to impact their workplace practices and consider it the next big disruptor in the industry.
    • Over 50 per cent respondents were not anxious by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning.
    • 27 per cent in India, however, said they were extremely concerned about the impact of these new technologies.
    • A whopping 59 per cent find it imperative to update their skills every six months to keep up with the industry developments.
    • Forty-two per cent of creatives and marketers in India have recently implemented a customer experience programme, while 34 per cent plan to develop one in the one year.

    Other Revelations:

    • Designers in India are concerned that disruptive technologies will take over their jobs. But they suggested that as they embrace AI and machine learning, creatives will be able to increase their value through design thinking.

    “While AI and machine learning provide an opportunity to automate processes and save creative professionals from day-to-day production, it is not a replacement for the role of creativity,” said Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, Adobe South Asia.

    “It provides more levy for creatives to spend their time focusing on what they do best — being creative, scaling their ideas and allowing them time to focus on ideation and creativity,” Bawa added.

    • The study also found that merging online and offline experiences were the biggest driver of change for the creative community, followed by the adoption of data and analytics, and the need for new skills.
    • It was revealed that customer experience is the number one investment by businesses across APAC.
    • The study noted that social media and content were the key investment areas by APAC organisations, and had augmented the demand for content. However, they also presented challenges.

    “Budgets were identified as the biggest challenge, followed by conflicting views and internal processes. Data and analytics become their primary tool to ensure that what they are creating is relevant, and delivering an amazing experience for customers,” Bawa said.

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