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    AEC-Q200-certified automotive magnetic solutions

    Arrow Electronics

    The continued electrification and technification of automobiles and trucks creates strong demand for new and better components. In this article, learn how parts and systems from Yageo Group have been proven to work in the lab and in the field for next-generation automotive applications.


    For decades, KEMET has enabled safer, more efficient, and smarter vehicles by offering a wide range of products for the automotive industry. KEMET provides automotive-grade components that are designed with safer failure mechanisms and qualified to industry standards, such as AEC-Q200 and VW AUDI 80808. These parts have been proven on the road and in the lab, and boast an extensive track record of reliability. This lineup of automotive-grade products are verified to work under harsh temperatures ranging from -50ºC to 175ºC.

    Magnetics Selection

    EMC Solutions

    KEMET EMC Solutions

    Automotive Systems

    KEMET EMC Solutions

    Automotive Drive Train

    Automotive Drive Train

    Battery Management System (BMS)

    KEMET Battery Management System

    In large battery pack applications with daisy chain connections, the number of cells connected in series is very high, and the large voltage differences demand component-to-component isolation. The serial communication links between boards must be isolated by transformer coupling circuits instead of capacitor coupling. KEMET & Pulse Electronics offer a full line of products for safety isolation, noise suppression and communications including high voltage isolation transformers, BMS transformers, common mode chokes, ethernet magnetics as well as wireless antenna options.

    On-Board Charger (OBC)

    KEMET On Board Charger OBC

    The On-Board Charger (OBC) is a sophisticated high-voltage power supply that converts the AC power from the charging source to the DC voltage required to charge battery packs in an EV or HEV vehicle. Efficiency of the system is critical to minimize charging times and ensure operation within thermal limits. The power magnetics within the system are a combination of off-the-shelf standard magnetics and highly engineered customized solutions to maximize performance.

    DC/ DC Conversion

    KEMET DC DC Conversion

    The high-power DC-DC converter is used to change the high-voltage (200-800Vdc) from the battery pack to the lower voltage (12v-48v) that is used to power the automotive sub-systems. As in the OBC, efficiency of the system is critical to ensure maximum battery utilization. Isolation within the DC-DC converter is also critical to ensure that sensitive low-voltage systems are not damaged and to ensure user-accessible systems are safe. KEMET & Pulse design and manufacture a wide range of lower-power catalog components (current sensing and isolation transformers) and high-power customized components (DCDC transformer and output inductor).

    High Voltage Inverters

    KEMET High Voltage Inverters

    The inverter uses high-power IGBTs or switches to change the high DC voltage battery pack energy into an AC signal to drive and control the AC motor. Through regenerative braking the inverter can also use the braking energy to charge the battery pack. The inverter is critical to vehicle operation and handles significant amounts of power (Up to 100kW) and it is necessary to isolate multiple high-voltage nodes to ensure safe operation. Pulse designs and manufactures UL-approved isolation transformers as well as the magnetics used in the auxiliary power supply and signal I/O.

    Pulse-Network PBU Products

    Pulse Network PBU Products

    Pulse-Network PBU for Automotive

    Pulse Network PBU for Automotive

    Pulse-Power PBU Products

    Pulse Power PBU Products

    Pulse-Power PBU for Automotive

    Pulse - Power PBU for Automotive

    Pulse-Automotive PBU Products

    Pulse Automotive PBU Product

    Pulse-Wireless PBU Product

    Pulse Wireless PBU Product

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