Adobe Study: 89% people supporting man-robot teaming-up at work

According to the Adobe Report, people are open to man and machine collaboration for work benefits

Ruling out popular belief that Robots are to steal human jobs, an Adobe study has other statistics to give. Accordingly, 89 per cent of people believe that robots will come handy in helping them in the workplace with difficult tasks.

According to the Adobe Digital Insights Future of Work Report, people are open to man and machine collaboration for work benefits.

“The Future of Work looks promising, as robotics and automation gear up to enable employees to be more productive and creative in their roles,” said Abdul Jaleel, Vice President, People Resources India, Adobe.

Despite concerns around the impact of automation in the workplace, people are indicating positive observations around how automation can undertake mundane tasks, and allow them to focus on creative and strategic responsibilities that matter most to them and their careers.

Robotics holds promise especially when it comes to the automation of traditionally mundane tasks.

Jaleel noted that automating document and signature processes, for example, could open up new possibilities for people as the tech revolution advances. Faster transportation and self-driving cars could revolutionise local travel.

“Moreover, the virtual office has big potential in the Future of Work. Work environments should continue to improve as employees demand more from their space, especially with automation ruling the minds of people,” he said.

The findings are based on over three million Future of Work — a phrase covering broad group of topics around what work would look like in the future — related social mentions across several digital platforms including Twitter, news, blogs and forums, between January 2016 to January 2017.

The study’s social analysis features regions including the US, UK, India and Australia.

The research is based on the analysis of select, anonymous and aggregated data from more than 5,000 companies worldwide that use the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud to obtain real-time data and analysis of activity on websites, social media and advertising.

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