Additional 3D AOI machine for Factory of The Future E.D.&A.

    Electronics manufacturer E.D.&A. invests in an additional 3D AOI as part of their vision of comprehensive quality control. This new machine will be placed at the back of the THT (Through Hole Technology) line. E.D.&A. is always looking for new innovations and applies them in its production process.

    By purchasing the additional 3D AOI, E.D.&A. succeeds in automating the THT line to a large extent: robots place the components (largely) automatically, AOI inspection (Automated Optical Inspection) on the presence and polarity of the components, selective soldering of the components and also the optical inspection of the soldering on the underside of the PCB with the new 3D AOI.

    This completes a final important step that will further increase the quality in their Factory of The Future. The new machine provides a very short feedback loop, so no escalation of possible series deviations can take place.

    Additional 3D AOI inspects soldering

    E.D.&A. chose the Viscom full 3D AOI machine S3016 Ultra, which is important, because it also allows verification of the lead protrusion (pin length). Certain standards apply to this and these pin lengths are especially important for products that are built in.

    This new machine not only has a 3D bottom camera, but an additional 8 side-mounted cameras that offer a shadow-free inspection at an angle, which ensures good image reconstruction.  These cameras offer a high level of ease of use for the operators: a clear and clear image enables correct interpretation and correct repair of any deviation.

    It is an optical machine, which means that it can also read serial numbers. This is a great advantage, because the results of the inspection can easily be transferred to the serial number database. This way they can guarantee at E.D&A. that deviations will be repaired before the controllers are processed further.

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