Adaptive Recording Helps You Save Up to 50% On Storage With Matrix Video Surveillance

AdaptiveRecording-final (2)

Matrix SATATYA NVRs & HVRs now come with an extremely useful feature called Adaptive Recording. Adaptive Recording is a method of recording to achieve optimized storage on hard drive. To achieve the same, the device records both P frames and I frames when there is motion or activity, but when there is no motion or activity the device records only I frames. When there is no motion all the P frames carry the same data. Hence storing all the same P frames would result in unnecessary wastage of storage. Adaptive Recording avoids this unnecessary wastage and optimizes the storage to provide up to 50% savings on storage.

Key Benefits:

  1. 1.       Extra Storage Days
  • Hard drive becomes capable for storing for more days as compared to what it used to do before

  1. 2.       Save Storage Costs
  • Eliminates need to buy extra hard disk, as existing hard disk is used more efficiently

The devices supporting this feature are:

 HVR0408S                           NVR8S

HVR0408P                           NVR24P

HVR0824S                           NVR64S

HVR0824P                           NVR64P



For more information about MATRIX COMSEC go to-

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