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    Accelerating digital transformation with pega kickstart services

    Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, announce the launch of Pega Kickstart – a new family of fixed-price services that help businesses quickly deploy Pega software to help address critical customer and employee experience problems. Through a combination of Pega tools, best practices, and a dedicated services team, Pega Kickstart provides a faster path to digital transformation with high-impact returns delivered in just weeks.

    Digital transformation – once a marathon – has now turned into a sprint. Organizations are scrambling to adjust to an extraordinary level of disruption brought by the COVID- 19 pandemic. Businesses are reassessing how to meet the increasing digital demands of their homebound customers while also helping their newly remote employees stay engaged and productive. But these are not new problems; the pandemic has only accelerated the need to fix them.

    Today Pega introduced three new Pega Kickstart services offering a way for businesses
    to more rapidly solve today’s challenges while also helping set the foundation for future
    innovation. These services include:

    • Pega Microjourney™ Kickstart: Pega will design and deliver a customer microjourney in as little as five weeks for $100,000. A microjourney is a new term describing a customer’s path to a specific desired outcome – such as “inquire about service,” “dispute a charge,” or “onboard a new partner.” After years of perfecting low-code development, the Pega team will collaborate with clients to identify, design, and quickly deliver a highly-automated microjourney to help improve the customer experience. The Pega Platform™ low-code app development software makes it easy for clients to manage, improve, and extend their new microjourney after the initial deployment. The platform comes integrated with Pega Express™, an intuitive software development methodology that guides users step by step through the implementation process – from designing to building to driving user adoption. With no manual coding skills required, Pega Platform empowers business people to modify the solution or create new microjourneys with minimal effort.
    • Pega Email Bot™ Kickstart : Pega will deploy Pega Email Bot – a complete intelligent email automation solution – in as little as five weeks for $75,000. Businesses are drowning in customer inquiries coming in via email, a problem that’s grown exponentially worse in the pandemic. Customer service personnel simply can’t keep up. Pega experts will work with the client to deploy Pega Email Bot, which automates the triage and response to these large volumes of customer email from end to end. It uses artificial intelligence with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand the purpose and intent of each email, then applies dynamic case management to drive the inquiry to resolution.
    • Pega Workforce Intelligence™ Kickstart : In as little as seven weeks for $25,000, Pega will deploy Pega Workforce Intelligence software to help businesses understand how their employees work and the obstacles that get in the way of doing their jobs. These insights are even more important today as organizations try to manage their newly remote workforce from a distance. Pega Workforce Intelligence will analyze the desktop actions of up to 200 employees to uncover the hidden inefficiencies that hinder performance – from broken processes to ineffective technology. Pega experts will then guide the client to turn these insights into action to help employees be more efficient and satisfied in their work. All Pega Kickstart services include professional services and training in one fixed fee. During the project, Pega Email Bot Kickstart and Pega Workforce Intelligence Kickstart also include software licensing, which can be extended for an additional fee after project delivery is completed. Pega Microjourney Kickstart clients can add software licensing to the project service based on the mutually agreed project outcomes.

    Quotes & Commentary:

    “Even in the best of circumstances, businesses are in a never-ending race to keep up
    with changing customer expectations and ward off the latest market threats,” said Don
    Schuerman, CTO and vice president, product marketing, Pegasystems. “Now we’re
    offering an even faster and easier way to improve customer and employee experiences
    with our Pega Kickstart services. In just weeks, and for a fixed cost, our experts will
    deliver a custom solution built to meet today’s challenges and future proofed for the
    long haul.”

    For more information, visit

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