A maturity curve marked for NetApp Excellerator by Futuristic Technologies

    NetApp announced the fourth batch of start-ups chosen for the NetApp Excellerator, the company’s flagship accelerator program. Six start-ups were shortlisted from over 300 applicants, following a rigorous screening process including a bootcamp for the top twelve. The NetApp Excellerator program has mentored 18 start-ups through its last three cohorts and is set to accelerate a new batch of innovative enterprises.

    The start-ups that have been selected for the fourth cohort are QuNu Labs, SecurelyShare,, Ecolibrium Energy, Eder AI and UniQreate. While the core technology for all these start-ups is data driven, they function in the areas of Quantum Security, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive RPA. Following the international reach of the program in the third cohort with two Singapore-based startups, this cohort has a UK-based startup.

    Commenting on the launch of the fourth Cohort, Ajeya Motaganahalli, Senior Director, Engineering Programs and Leader of the NetApp Excellerator program, said, “We have been able to influence tangible commercial success in our cohorts so far in terms of customer acquisition, raising venture capital and successful exits. With the fast-paced evolution of the start-up landscape, the selection of our fourth cohort was predominantly governed by our focus on investing in futuristic technologies in data and security. I’m very excited to welcome the gamut of start-ups working on game-changing ideas in quantum computing, AI and cognitive RPA to this four-month journey of disruptive innovation in solutions and processes. We aim to realize the innovation potential of this ecosystem in terms of transformative outcomes.”

    The success of the program’s alumni has reaffirmed NetApp’s contribution in promoting the growth of the start-up ecosystem. Adya, an alumnus from NetApp’s first Cohort, recently got acquired by Qualys, a leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions. LightMetrics, also an alumnus from the first Cohort, secured a new series of funding.

    “Our startup accelerator program has been associated with some of the best startups in the B2B space. We have focused on companies that are paving the way towards innovation in the data management space. The market is extremely competitive and through our expert technical and business mentorship, we can help the startups scale their businesses to solve global challenges. We will strive to expose our startups to customers both in India and overseas to take advantage of relevant opportunities,” said Deepak Visweswaraiah, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, NetApp India, on the company’s vision and the program.

    As the four-month program kicks off, each of these start-ups will receive technical and business mentorship and support to develop market ready products and solutions, an equity-free grant of $15,000, access to NetApp’s technologies, a co-working space and HR, legal and tech support. In addition, the start-ups will be given networking opportunities with potential investors, partners, and customers.

    NetApp has also formed strategic alliances with select startups from each cohort to co-create solutions and go-to-market with them. FirstHive, Cardiotrack, ZScore, Scalend, BlobCity, SigTuple, and Nanobi are the strategic alliance partners from the previous cohorts.

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