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    5 Cyber security Lessons: We must learn from 2015 Data Breaches

    DELHI, India – September 212016 : In India big data breaches and cyber-attacks on various organizations made it into the headlines in 2015 – exposing government records, health/pharma information, financial information(debit/credit card details), Email and other personal information like social security numbers/home address to cyber criminals. According to the PWC Global Security Survey, the average number of information security incidents detected by respondents increased by 117 per cent up from 2,895 in 2014 to 6,284 in 2015.

    Today’s hackers are proficient in hacking and subverting billions of USB devices, from keyboards to printers to thumb drives and data from warehouses. With this, every year we can see increasing vulnerabilities victimizing people of several adverse data breaches on different IT platforms.

    Here are the five important lessons which can prevent you from becoming a victim of all vulnerabilities, data breaches, trends, and controversies that happened so far: –

    • End-to-End Encryption

    One of the easiest way is End-to-End Encryption which helps to protect PCs, USB devices, stored data and removable media with full disk encryption, file encryption, and removable media encryption so that if lost or stolen, your data remains protected against such threats and vulnerabilities.

    • Audit trails

    We can’t monitor the data stored in our devices 24X7, so in such situation audit trails help in tracking system activity, so that when any data breach happens, the level of the breach can be determined. Storing audit trails remotely, where actually they can only be appended to, can keep intruders from covering their paths. It also helps in providing the chronological sequence of the breaches which have taken place and can actually make you feel secure even when you’re not accessing your devices.

    • Timely Software Updates

    Cyber criminals and other hacktivists are constantly trying to find errors in the software system to take control of your devices and steal profound data. Software publishers are always fixing the gaps that cyber criminals have found and create new coverings of updates to make your system safer and secure towards such vulnerabilities and threats. It is significant to update your security software’s regularly so that you don’t lose your important records/information and become a victim against such threats and vulnerabilities.

    • Securing codes

    Security codes such as passwords, user pins, etc. are really essential in order to protect the data/important records from manipulation of data, or other illegal operations. It is also possible to create software designed from the ground up to be secure. Such devices and systems are “secured by design”. Using security codes at every level can actually result in better safety from such threats and vulnerabilities.

    • Create Backups

    There are many breaches which are caused by the theft or loss of data leaving no data backup. Timely data backup service allows every organization to back up the entire data/records securely and effectively without ever using tapes that can be stolen or lost via internet. It creates a great sense of safety when you have your data backup in hand.

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