3D Manufacturing Summit at Laser World of Photonics India in Bengaluru

    As the only dedicated trade platform for the laser and photonics industry, Laser World of Photonics India is scheduled to feature an array of technologies relevant for application industries like manufacturing, engineering, automotive, railways, construction, agriculture (farm equipment), energy (solar), gems and jewellery, medicine and many others.

    Taking place from September 26-28, 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru, the trade fair is accompanied by compelling supporting programs to further enhance the visitor experience and add value to their visit.

    The 3D Manufacturing Summit taking place on September 26 will help to prepare companies and teams for 3D manufacturing and prepare their businesses for the future technological trends. The summit also offers an exclusive access to industry leaders and experts who are implementing additive manufacturing in their business operations.

    Special exhibition areas inspire the attendees with regard to the latest developments and applications in laser technology. Additive manufacturing is proving to be great enabling technology for various industries with major impact seen in automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industries. Small numbers as well as complex components from various materials can thus be manufactured cost-effectively and in less time. The 2ndAdditive Manufacturing Insight Pavilion will feature companies showcasing new innovations and technologies alongside Laser World of Photonics India.

    This year, we are bringing the 3D Manufacturing Summit along with other programs to create a valuable experience for our attendees. We are confident that our attendees will witness a balanced mix of latest technologies and knowledge-rich supporting programs.” said Bhupinder Singh, CEO, Messe Muenchen India, summing up the event.

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